FR8002 IAR80-A 1/32

Since Monday, new models have been packed into our packaging plant. In addition to the first CASA C-212-100 1/72 (SH72344), which we are going to sell on November 25th, this is another model we have prepared for Azur-Frrom. The IAR80-A on the 1/32 scale builds on the previous IAR81C, but the hull and wing are new. Others are, of course, camouflage. All production goes to France, with the traditional exception of 100 models that we offer on the domestic market. Home Prime Minister will have a model for his home 🙂 Bratislava Winter.
For the IAR, we have prepared in the series Quick & Easy detailed EARLY and MID resin wheels , differing in the type of tire. (we are also preparing the LATE version, but it will be more useful for model SH32068 IAR81C).










SH72329 Delta 1D / E 1/72 – look at the model we start packing next week

Due to the public holiday, we will not begin to pack until next week. But as you look, you can look at photos of Jindra Racek. The model will offer two American (US Coast Guard and War of Africa) and one Australian camouflage. Large parts are made of short-run molds, small pieces of metal molds.

Takom 1/35 V-2 Rocket, Meillerwagen, Hanomag SS100 FULL review With full and detailed images.



Elegant packaging, very impressive graphic design with full caption of the product /manufacturer announces that the model came very close to the picture on the box
Disclaimer of quality



18 sprues

Central engine in full detail

Doors with windows

Carburetor air vents Front panel of a truck

Doors and various parts

Rear and front axle

A pair of doors and a cushion for the car seat

Staircase and doors

various parts/Vehicle parts

Vehicle parts

cushion for the car seat and A steering wheel in the cab

Vehicle parts of the cab

Top hood
Opens up+2 Springs parts+A central part of the front cab with window

2 Springs parts

Top hood
Opens up

A central part of the front cab + window

Mechanical parts of the vehicle / propulsion parts

Mechanical parts / engine parts

Mechanical parts / engine parts

Central pipe and other parts

Mechanical parts / engine parts

The base parts of the vehicle include an engine

The main motor side image

A treading floor including a step

A major part of the leading vehicle

stabilizing part of the missile wing

Parts of the vehicle in detail
Wheel washers

Wheel washers for the Tires

clear parts

transport and trailer Basic parts/Construction of the launching pad
Mechanical operation

Wheel Washers

hydraulic springs/ Wheel washers

Capacitor containers
For air or gas pressure

A hydraulic pump to lift the missile launch pad

transport and trailer Various components

One part of the frame is open
To transport the missile

rocket transport and trailer parts

rocket transport and trailer parts

A part used to build a supporting foot FOR For the missile launch facility

A range of parts belongs to the missile’s function including the missile’s balance / rotation and stability of the missile while traveling on a special transport part

One part is the missile’s suspension with a gear wheel to rotate the missile

The missile’s occupant

The stabilizer of the missile

A frame for balance / rotation of the missile

A central part of stabilizing the missile is supported in another part

Technical parts for a missile launch system
With various ingredients

A tow bar has a spring

Technical parts for a missile launch system
And carrying the missile

Technical parts for a missile launch system
And carrying the missile

Arms to balance the missile before launch

Assembly of parts
Belongs to building a platform for carrying

The wing of the missile X2

The wing of the missile

A significant part for the kit

Dual wing of the missile

The missile’s head


shot from the side


Vehicle parts and vehicle doors and carburetor Central motor


parts Assembly of
Belongs to building a platform for carrying the missile
And a launching pad

Compressed air tanks help launch the missile to its destination


PE parts

The missile itself/V-2 Rocket

side of the missile/V-2 Rocket

A stabilizing position helped smooth the missile

Two instruction booklets

Two instruction booklets




This kit, built and created, testifies to the fact that the manufacturer invested a lot of time and thought in order to build a high quality product.
The most interesting set of 2017 has indeed been many years in practice.
Quality and detail at a high level that has not been seen in this field and in this hobby for years
A product that is not complicated to assemble, a very large and intriguing kit that is built very well.
This is a new field that goes into this hobby and is interesting to many.
A long construction phase requires quite a bit of experience and lots of patience
It is highly recommended that you read all the assembly instructions beforehand.
Very high quality plastic base for good quality and clean painting
The product is not cheap but definitely gives great value for money
It is highly recommended




This is a test model of the Fw 190A-3 aircraft from the Fw 190A EARLY VERSIONS (A-2/3/4) 1/48, which will be released in December in the Royal Class edition, under cat. no. R0016. The model’s builder is Martin Nademlejnský.
The variant shown in the picture (version A-3 with two cannons and covers with bulging at the bottom surface of the wing) covers 3 of the 14 colour schemes contained in the kit.

In December, we will release both the early (632113) as well as the late (632114) versions of reflector gunsights for the Spitfire Mk.IXc in 1/32 scale by Revell, in our Brassin range. Each set contains 3 pcs



Dragon has already launched a number of impressive 1/35 scale kits depicting variants of the famous and formidable Tiger I tank used by Germany. The latest kit to hit shop shelves is a Tiger I Early-Production version representing the famous “TiKi” fielded by the Das Reich Division. This tank operated with 8./SS-Pz.Rgt.2. It is unclear what the name refers to, whether a girlfriend of a crewmember or a contraction of “Tiger Kind” (i.e. Tiger Child). This company was formed in November 1942 and its first mission was Kharkov. Decals for tank number ‘812’ are included, a number used until April 1943. “TiKi” was destroyed later that year after participating in the Battle of Kursk too.

The arrival of this 1/35 scale kit at the turn of the New Year is a nice surprise from Dragon, allowing modelers to create “TiKi” straight from the box. It’s a long-waited normal Tiger I early production from Dragon.“TiKi” from the Das Reich Division is very well known, so it’s convenient to have everything included all in one place. This new kit inherits existing components from other Tigers but, where necessary, new parts have been specifically created too. These include the gun mantlet, the storage bin on the back of the turret and the spare-track bracket. Some parts of its on-vehicle materiel are new too. To ease assembly, the tank includes convenient DS tracks as well. This is truly a masterpiece, with “TiKi” the Tiger ready to foray into the Russian city of Kharkov to do battle straight from the box.

BUY NOW 1/35 Tiger I Early Production “TiKi” Das Reich Division (Bat

Est Arrival: January 2018

Item Code: DRA-6885