Js’ Shapeworks [JS12A018] 1/12 G3A3 battle rifle+[JS12A019] 1/12 CAR-15 (model605)+[JS12A017] 1/12 AR-15 Assault rifle

ushimodels 1/72 Japanese Army Prototype High Altitude Fighter Tachikawa Ki-94-I+ UNDER DEVELOPMENT 3 kits 1/72 Soviet Navy prototype fighter Believ B-10M 1/72 Japanese Army Prototype Fighter-bomber Nakajima Ki-201 Fire Dragon 1/700 Japanese Navy 500t large flying boat Kawanishi KX-03

miniart 1/35 U.S. SOLDIERS RAINWEAR 35245

Unassembled Plastic Model Kit.
Box Contains Models of Five Figures, Weapons and Equipment.

Novelties 09/2021 revell Ford GT 40 Le Mans 1968 Scale:1:24 Product number:07696 Number of parts:96 Length:174mm Width:81mm

Novelties 09/2021 revell Porsche 911 G Model Coupé Scale: 1:24 Product number: 07688 Number of parts:100 Length:179mm

Many fans consider the G model to be the ultimate generation of the sports car legend. As a coupe, the G model was extremely successful and was built for a full 17 years. Today, this generation of vehicles has a huge fan base and is considered by many to be the ultimate 911.

  • Engine replica
  • Movable hood
  • Rotating wheels

Scope of delivery:

  • Plastic model kit (not assembled).
  • Illustrated, multilingual building instructions
  • Decals

Armory Models Group 1/72 AR72448 Russian Modern 6×6 Military Cargo Truck mod.43114, LIMITED EDITION