Aoshima will close the business today with 28th ♪

That’s why the company is closed from tomorrow !
But yesterday was the year-end party of the car shop, today’s work-related party, year-end party to work, tomorrow is a year-end party with local friends … If the money does not go on ASEASE
, I do not have the year-end cards cleaned up, Today at the end of the New Year ‘s holiday Today, in 2019 I think that I do not want folly like to write New Year’ s cards on the 3rd day !  !while losing the temptation of playing and only feeling beat down …Goessori




Well, at the end of the year, introduce the new product sold in January which was completed by today –



The ☆ model car No. 103 
1/24 Mitsubishi V24 WG 
Pajero Metal Top Wide XR – Ⅱ ’91


First of all, package


Mask seal

Prototype finished product


It is like this. 
In the short of V type Pajero, I think that this time it is the first time that a mask seal will enter. 
It seems that it was a product planned during the bubble period this time as well, and it has become a bargain kit full of bonuses, but like this

Up arrowNormal 
Down arrowomake wearing state

With this cooperation of Wakari Yasui Desnete ~ 
Editor and Illustrator, I was able to put both illustrations in the package.


Pajero introduced this time is such a shipping schedule in mid-January. If you do not have a reservation please go to the nearest plastic model shop.






Although it is Ohanashi related to the track model currently receiving inquiries from various people , the first announced 
1/32 art track series Vol.07

For Shinku Maru No. 4, we are currently working on die making. It is a little hard as usual, and the release is delayed from December to January. I am sorry for everyone waiting, please wait a little more because I am doing my best to make it a better product.

For the time being, we have almost completed the new mold part, so I think whether we can move to mass production soon.

Because it will be shipped to us at the end of January, everyone of Decorato Modeler should keep the omission properly ~

So this year it is here. 
Thank you for this year for a year too. 
I hope you will have a Friday blog next year