New announcement – # 6851 – 1/35 STURMGESCHUTZ 7.5cm KANONE (Sd.Kfz.142) Ausf.C/D

1/35 STURMGESCHUTZ 7.5cm KANONE (Sd.Kfz.142) Ausf.C/D (Smart Kit)

– Bonus uniforms by DS
– New fighting compartment roof
– Light guard for StuG.Abt.177
– New final-drive hatches and glacis
– New side pannier for radio set
– New fender
– New angled side sponsons
– Light guard for StuG.Abt.177

Dragon had a phenomenal response for its brand new 1/35 scale StuG.III Ausf.E kit (Item No.6688), so much so that it prompted the release of even earlier short-barreled versions. In fact, Dragon is offering a kit featuring the Ausf.C/D. The Sturmgesch�tz III (StuG.III) has the distinction of being Germany’s most widely produced AFV of WWII, with 10,619 eventually manufactured. Based on the chassis of the Panzer III, it was cheaper and faster to build since it did not have a rotating turret. Only 50 of the Ausf.C were built in 1941. The StuG.III Ausf.D was identical to its predecessor except for installation of an intercom system. A total of 150 Ausf.Ds were built from May-September 1941.

Hot on the wheels of the popular StuG.III Ausf.E comes this magnificent kit. This 1/35 scale rendition boasts many new plastic parts. These include a new fighting compartment and roof, new fenders, final-drive hatches and glacis, side pannier for the radio set and angled side sponsons. There is even a brand new light guard for vehicles specific to the StuG.Abt.177 unit. Like the StuG.III Ausf.E (#6688), this new kit also contains a complete gun with its mount and fighting-compartment interior details. StuG. fans will find it a treat to assemble thanks to the kit’s superior level of detail and engineering excellence.

Eduard new sets

Eduard PE sets for B-17G 1/72 Airfix


Eduard Brassin for Airfix 1/72 B-17G

Aoshima 1/24 new kits cars

Toyota Fabulous UCF31 Celsior ‘03


Hot Company TRH200V Toyota Hiace ‘12


Prepaint Model No. SP 1/24 Mitsubishi CZ4A Lancer Evolution ’15
Due in December, retailing for 4200 yen, this model kit comes in two colors: metallic red and phantom black pearl. These pre-painted models are excellent for novice modelers who wish to make a nice-looking car model, but are nervous about using an airbrush or spray cans. With only modeling glue and some tools, one can make a fantastic-looking car model since the runners come painted (not colored plastic).


1/72 Sd.Kfz.171 Panther A Late Production
EAN-13 BARCODE: 0089195875051
SCALE: 1:64
ANNOUNCED ON: 9/27/2016
EST ARRIVAL: November 2016










– New Turret
– New Mantlet
– New Commander cupola
– New Exhaust pipes
– Single piece upper hull
– DS tracks

While it’s the impressive Tiger tank that usually attracts the most awe, it was the Sd.Kfz.171 Panther that in the long run was a more important tank to Germany during WWII. This 45-tonne medium tank represented a good balance of well-sloped armor protection, lethal firepower and able cross-country mobility, the design being inspired by the highly successful Russian T-34. The second main production variant of the Panther – the Ausf.A – appeared in August 1943, and its manufacture continued up till mid-1944 before being superseded by the ultimate Ausf.G. Some 2,192 Ausf.A Panthers were produced.

We have previously produced 1/72 scale kits of a Panther Ausf.A Early-Production, and now comes the Late-Production new to the Panther family. This new tank features a many great new parts: the turret, associated mantlet and commander cupola are all new. It also includes the characteristic ball mount hull machine gun mount in the glacis plate. The exhaust pipes are also new. The upper hull is made as a single piece thanks to the clever use of slide molds. The lower hull tub has been formed the same way, thus ensuring a stable foundation for the rest of the build. All the appropriate characteristics of this Ausf.A Late-Production variant are present, and convenient DS tracks are provided too.

Aoshima 2017 January New items

4905083052839 1/32 VALUE DEKOTORA #43 [JAN-NEW] 1/32 YANKEY MATE JPY3,800



4905083052327 MODEL CAR #26 [JAN-NEW] 1/24 NISSAN KPGC10 SKYLINE HT2000GT-R ’71 JPY2,000

4905083052334 MODEL CAR #27 [JAN-NEW] 1/24 MITSUBISHI P35W DELICA STAR WAGON ’91 JPY2,600

4905083052341 MODEL CAR #28. [JAN-NEW] 1/24 NISSAN HC33 LAUREL MEDALIST CLUB・S ’91 JPY2,400

4905083052358 MODEL CAR #29 [JAN-NEW] 1/24 SUBARU GRB IMPREZA WRX STI ’10 JPY2,600

4905083053041 TUNED CAR #15 [JAN-NEW] 1/24 TOPSECRET BNR34 SKYLINE GT-R ’02 (NISSAN) JPY2,600

4905083053034 TUNED CAR #16 [JAN-NEW] 1/24 Kunny’z JZX100 CHASER TOURER V ’98 (TOYOTA) JPY2,600

4905083052990 TUNED PARTS #21 [JAN-NEW] 1/24 WORK MAISTER S1 3PEACE 18inch JPY1,000

4905083053003 TUNED PARTS #22 [JAN-NEW] 1/24 WORK EMOTION CR KIWAMI 18inch JPY1,000

4905083053010 TUNED PARTS #23 [JAN-NEW] 1/24 GRAM LIGHTS 57 EXTREME 18inch JPY1,000

4905083053027 TUNED PARTS #24 [JAN-NEW] 1/24 VOLK RACING TE37RT 18inch JPY1,000

4905083052976 1/12 BIKE #31 [JAN-NEW] 1/12 Honda CBX400F TRICOLOR JPY2,000

4905083052983 1/12 BIKE #32 [JAN-NEW] 1/12 Kawasaki 750RS(Z2) with cutom parts JPY2,600