Chibi Maritime Athletic Self Defense Force 10 type tank renewal! ·

Previously it was a painting premise, but added a new easy seal. – Molding color also changed to dark green. – Dozers can also be selected, optional, available! Seals include warfare teachings and 1 race, 71 races starting to be deployed this year, and manga belonging to the Tsuchiura weapons school are also included!


Reproduction information

1/72 scale 0 type water surface observation machine 11 type It is the first reproduction in about two years. It has become out of stock manufacturers over the past few months, it was finished at shop front, but it was completed. Nagato mounted machine and Yamato, Musashi, Mutsu marking on the shore, Tateyama and Sasebo base aircraft belonging machines also included in the decal! Package is high-grade painting!



5 interesting colour schemes offers the ProfiPACK edition kit of German WWII fighter aircraft Bf 109E-3 in 1/48 scale. Reedition. December release, cat. no 8262.

To make even better use of the decal sheet, and also the possibility of building other versions of the Fw 190A which are contained in the 1/48 Royal Class Fw 190A Early Versions kit, we will release 7 items in our Overtrees series. They cover each version and production variant of the Fw 190A-2, A-3 and A -4 aircraft.

In this photo-gallery, we present the first one – Fw 190A-2, Cat. No. 8215X.
It will be available at from this Friday, November 24, 2017, during our Black Friday 2017 event at a cheaper price!

In the BIG SIN collection with cat. no. SIN64838 you will find 4 Brassin sets for the Bf 109F kit in 1/48 scale by Eduard. Sets in our ESSENTIAL range do not require large modifications of the plastic kit parts.

– cockpit,
– control surfaces,
– wheels,
– Pitot tubes.

All sets included in this BIG SIN are available separately, but with every BIG SIN set you save up to 30%.

Paint Mask set 1/35 WWII German Disc Camo (different size roundels) V.3

Paint masks with different size roundels for German WWII ambush/disc camouflage
Suitable for various German tanks – StuG III, STUG IV, Nashorn, Grille, Panther, Hetzer, E25, E50, E75, E100, Jagdpanzer IV, Panzer IV, Sturmtiger, King Tiger, Brummbar and more.

The set features additional spots, which can be used for hard to reach areas or the angles of the turret or hull

Re-usable camo mask set

The set includes a sheet of masks (shown in the picture). The masks are made from thin masking tape, which is easy to be peeled off and doesn’t leave any stains. The tape is tested on clear and painted model too. If carefully removed after painting, they can be used over and over again. It is flexible and easily applied over curved surfaces. Semi transparent for easy and accurate placing.

Suggested scale: 1/35