Full review FOR platz Hobby Collective 1/35 DECAL Set1 HC35-2

a hobby collective limited decal set corresponding to models of 1/35 scale Ground Self Defense Force tanks, 10 types, 90 models, and 74 tank models.
In this set, Rauppen model cooperation: supervised, it contains markings of 6 types, totaling 3 types for 10 type tanks, 2 types for 90 type tanks and 1 type for 74 type tanks. Each unit mark, car number, etc. drawn on the turret, as well as a loose label stuck on the projector and storage box etc are reproduced. High-quality silk printing printed in Germany, sharp finish. The detailed instructions are also marked and marking is also certain. In this set, for the 10 type tank of the 1st Division 1st Armored Education Corps 2nd Squadron, the unit mark of the turret that was seen only in 2015 is also recorded.

【Recording Mark】
● 10 Type Tank
1st Division 1st Armored Education Corps 2nd Squadron x 2 Type
8th Division No. 8 Tank Battalion 1st Company

● 90 Type Tank
7th Division No. 73 Tank Battalion No. 4 Squadron
No. 7 Division 7 Scouting Corps

● 74 Tank
Fuji Team Team Team Leader 4th Squadron (Total Fire of 2014)



MARKING 2 Pages With full instructions Colorful and black and white

Page instructions on military Colors 

Page instructions on black and white Colors


In conclusion, this is a very good product
High level detail
Accuracy at a very high level
Even this product has successfully passed our test and proved to be of the highest quality
Here you will get a great value for money and even more
The product is adapted to tanks Japanese Types 10/74/90 on scale 1/35 for only one kit

It is highly recommended

We would like to thank the manufacturer platz who sent us a sample product for review.

trumpeter 2018-04 new product notice

Soviet Union 2A3 self-propelled howitzers
1/35 Serial Number: 09529

Soviet 2S14 “Zarrow-S” 85mm anti-tank gun
 1/35 Serial Number: 09536

China’s top five hit planes
1/72 Serial number: 01684

US Navy Texas Battleship BB-35
1/700 Serial number: 06712

Russia T-62 medium tank 1972 type
1/72 Serial number: 07147

【 Product introduction 】 Products on sale I will introduce it little by little. This time · 35-033 1/35 German No. 2 tank L type lux initial type

“Kit commentary”
· One of the features of the Lucs early type, the hatch on the back of the turret models a narrow type.
· Idler wheel for initial type is also included.
· When rolling out, you can make a figure of lux painted in German gray seen in German tank in the first half of World War II.
· Various wooden boxes installed in the locality and two markings.


P-51D-5NA Mustang (early version) 1/32 03944

The P-51D Mustang is one of the most extraordinary and effective combat aircraft of the 2nd World War. It proved itself to be a very versatile weapon for long-distance escort flights as well as in the ground support role.

– New mould
– Detailed cockpit and instrument panel
– 2 different exhaust systems
– Detailed oil radiator
– Separate ailerons
– Landing flaps
– Detailed undercarriage
– Cockpit canopy can be mounted open or closed
– 2 different auxiliary tanks

Authentic representation of the following versions:
– P-51D Mustang, LouIV/Athelené, Colonel T.J.J. Christian
– P-51D Mustang, Desert Rat’, Captain Herschel Pascoe

Product specifications

country version 1
The United States of America
300 mm
number of parts
352 mm

Item data

very ambitious

Product description

additional colours
5 43 45 66 89 90 302 330 361 382
article description
P-51D-5NA Mustang (early version)
main colours
8 9 12 46 67 68 91 99 310 360





Porsche Panamera Turbo 1/24 07034

Scale … 1:24
Part number ……… 07034
Our shipping … February 27, 2018 (on sale)
Release date …… around March 02, 2018
Body price … 3600 yen (+ consumption tax)

A model construction kit of this elegantly styled and dynamic Porsche high class sports car which in the 2nd generation has been available since November 2016.
– Faithfully reproduced body-work

– Opening engine cover
– Can be optionally built as left or right hand drive
– Decal set with various registration plates (D, A, NL, B, F, GB, I, CH, RUS)

Product specifications

country version 1
country version 2
country version 3
The Netherlands
country version 4
country version 5
country version 6
Great Britan
country version 7
country version 8
country version 9
211 mm
number of parts



Product description

additional colours
2 301 330
article description
Porsche Panamera Turbo
main colours
7 9 77 90 91 99 302 378 731 200









The rear side of the vehicle is a lower view A pair of metal pipes connected to a double exhaust

driver interior 

External front view from side of vehicle

The hood and a look at the engine

Rear view of vehicle



NEW FROM hasegawa 1/72 64760 “Area 88” A10 Thunderbolt II “Greggates”




Scale … 1:72
Part number ……… 64760
Our shipping … February 27, 2018 (on sale)
Release date …… around March 02, 2018
Body price … 2800 yen (+ consumption tax)
Number of parts … 126
Model full length … 225 mm
Model full width … 242 mm


Mercenaries of mercenaries appearing in Mr. Kaoru Shintani’s manga “Area 88”
Kitized in original illustration package!
The tenth bullet, Higuderaru that Greg’s boarding plane,
It is the A-10 which marked Skull’s personal mark on the vertical stabilizer.
※ Parts of the kit will be A-10C.


Decal (marking)
Aslan Kingdom Air Force Foreign Corps Base Area 88 belonging Greg / Gates boarding machine





NEW FROM hasegawa 30048 US Navy Battleship South Dakota “Super Detail” 1/700

Scale … 1: 700
Part number ……… 30048
Our shipping … February 27, 2018 (on sale)
Release date …… around March 02, 2018
Body price … 3400 yen (+ consumption tax)
Number of parts … 83
Model full length … 185.5 mm
Model full width … 197 mm

South Dakota was planned as a battleship carrying a 16 inch (406 mm) gun from the beginning,
It is the US Navy’s battleship for the first time to have a defense plan against 16-inch shells.
The kit adds precision-filled etching parts!
Handrails, radars, cranes, etc. are scheduled.
It will be content that you can enjoy delicate expressions unique to etching.
Mr. Kazuo Kato is in charge of package illustration.


Etched parts
Handrail, radar, crane parts, etc.

Shipped today! Notice of 2 new products ♪

I will introduce 2 NEWnew productsNEW shipped todaySurprised Mark

Kumamon 4 Racing Car Kumamon Vaña

The car of the deformed model which imaged Kumamon appeared!


Seal attachment, no paint required with a snap kit that can be assembled without adhesive !

Even small children can enjoy it.


It is easy to challenge from beginners to children with few parts scores.


Many Muskmons Kumamonare in the instructionsheart

The flag seal of Kumamon Reconstruction Symbol is attached.


Please attach to toothpick etc. Please support Kumamoto prefecture and bears monkey model!

1/12 Kumamon 13 racing motorcycle Kumamon version

Kumamon’s road bike bike appeared!

I like motorcycle and also like Kumamon is a must-see.


The accelerator cable, clutch cable, brake cable,

Can be reproduced realistically with a dedicated tube.


I use the shaft on the axle and the tire rotates.

Since the stand is attached, after exhibition it is self-sustaining and exhibition is possible.


【First Time Limited Bonus】 Dedicated metal muffler is included ↓ ↓

Both kits come with a three-dimensional seal of Kumamon !

It is a seal of a not for sale which can not be obtained with a single item ~Wink

Please enjoy with the kitGlitter
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