【Meng】1/24 JEEP

Being A Jeeper, Being Different

Jeep brand products have always been full of personality, and the Wrangler as the mastermind of Jeep, whether walking through the city, or in the wilderness, can easily become the highest rate of the car back. Because of the distinctive personality, Jeep owners are called Jeeper, I believe you have a Wrangler model, but also unwilling to face the ordinary model.
MENG SPS-054 Jeep Wrangler conversion kit is MENG’s latest personalized appearance of the resin modified pieces for use with the CS-003 Jeep Wrangler RUBICON two 10 anniversary edition, the same ratio of 1/24. The kit includes a front bumper with winch, watertight hose, roof assist lamp with bracket and luggage rack and rear bumper. Together with these parts, the powerful Wrangler RUBICON looks more power-ful, and will surely become one of the most compelling of your many model collections.