It’s reproductive ☆

Introducing the product that was reproduced ♪


Chibi Maru 15 Chibi Maru Fleet Rikuru

Multicolor molding and painting unnecessary!

The green camouflage era can be reproducedBlunder


1/700 Ship NX13 Japan Navy Battleship Nagato Showa 19 / Operation Kuichi

“Nagato” which was a symbol of the Union fleet challenges the final decisive battle!

After the product has served as the flagship of the Allied Fleet for a long time,

The figure at the time of the operation of Kenichi in the wartime October 1949 is a motif!  !


1/24 pass 5 Toyota Supra Turbo A’87

It is possible to select the opening and closing state of the 87-year Supra of pass specification and head light!


Chibi Maru 30 Chibi Maru Fleet Fusosu


Of 12 battleships fighting the Pacific War,

Fusing type name ship “Battleship Fuso” that has been refurbished has been commercialized following Yamashiro! 
The direction of the third turret, which caused the difference in bridge shape,

Of course, the figure which is opposite to Yamashiro is reproduced A lol
Besides the main body, real sticker which recorded wood deck and warship flag,

Decal aimed towards paint school comes with! 
One of the zero type water observation aircraft deformed similar to the warship is included in the aircraft carrier!


1/12 BIKE 13 Suzuki RGV – Γ late type XR 74


The machine that Suzuki introduced from the latter half of the season in the 1988 two-wheel road race world GP Grand Prix 500 cc class is RGV – Γ (XR 74). 55 degree V type 4 cylinder 2 stroke 499.5 cc engine mounted on aluminum twin spar frameWink

From the shape of cowl with pepsi collar inside, V type 4 cylinder engine and frame inside,

Modeling mechanisms such as suspension realistically!



You definitely want to make it!Whistle


The MPLANE Is Back


The B-24 Liberator was designed by the Consolidated Aircraft Company. This heavy bomber had a bigger bomb load than the B-17.
The MENG mPLANE-006 U.S. B-24 Heavy Bomber is the latest product of MENG mPLANE series. The cartoonized B-24 has kept the external features of the real aircraft on a cute shape. Like other MENG cartoon products, the mPLANE series products also feature a snap-fit design.