Due to the strong and constant interest in our 1/72 Mirage 4000, we decided to re-release it this May under new #72053. We have added 3 new plastic frames, containing external fuel tanks, “air-to-air” and “air-to-ground” missiles, guided bombs, laser designator pod and FLIR pod. Besides that, kit comes with PE sheet, adhesive masks (inner/outer ), transparent foil for HD display, 2 canopies (open/ closed ) and decal sheet – 2 camo schemes.


The FV510 Warrior is the British Army’s principal infantry fighting vehicle. Since 1984, it has taken part in the military operations with the British Army in Iraq, the Balkan Peninsula and Afghanistan. Like the British Challenger series main battle tanks of the same period, the Warrior also has excellent protection. In response to new combat environment and missions, the British Army has upgraded the Warrior to make it have better combat capability in the new environment. This brand-new variant is the FV510 Warrior TES(H) which is now in military service.

This MENG SS-017 British FV510 Warrior TES(H) AIFV model kit will present you the latest Warrior AIFV configuration. We have developed this product with the support of Mr. Carl Schulze who’s the author of the book Tankograd In Detail: Fast Track-WARRIOR FV510(H). He’s also a defense specialized journalist. This kit includes movable suspension, workable tracks, a track assembly jig, a metal barrel, find PE parts and a road wheel painting mask. All hatches are openable and all optical parts are clear. The finished model is 218.6mm long and 117.7mm wide. It’s time to experience the Warrior of the new era!

Another product MENG has developed with the collaboration of Mr. Liu Naizhong is coming soon. Mr. Liu has recreated the eternal Titanic in a cartoon shape while keeping the exterior features of this giant ship.

The MOE-001 Royal Mail Ship Titanic is the first product of MENG’s MOE series. This new product series will feature snap-fit design and pre-colored parts which will offer easy assembly experience. There will be more interesting cartoonized subjects to be offered at relatively low prices. By avoiding the time-consuming assembly process and complicated painting, we believe that anyone can enjoy the fun of building models in their fragmented time. The finished model of MOE-001 Royal Mail Ship Titanic is 100mm long and 64mm tall. This cute model ship is just in the perfect size to be hold in hand. Thanks to the snap-fit design and pre-colored parts, you can build it as a full hull or waterline ship. You can also easily see the different structures on each deck. Now let it join your cartoon model collection!