TRUMPETER 2018-09 new product notice

30N6E radar car

Proportion: 1/35 Number: 01043

Russian S-300V 9A83 missile launch vehicle

Proportion: 1/35 Number: 95519

Russian 2S34 self-propelled howitzer

Proportion: 1/35 Number: 09562

Germany Ar195

Proportion: 1/350 Number: 06278

Germany BF109T

Proportion: 1/350 Number: 06279

Germany JU-87

Proportion: 1/350 Number: 06280

Germany Fi-167

Proportion: 1/350 Number: 06281


1/700 Battleship Haruna Showa 19 with etching parts

Today 1/700 special Series No. 76 EX – 1

Special specifications Japan Navy Battleship Haruna Showa 19 (Operation of Junichi) with etching parts

It is an introduction of the new etching parts attached to.

The etching parts are 2 sets.

For those who are unsatisfactory with plastic products.

For those who want more detail up.

For those who want to pursue more delicate expressions

We prepared.

Shipment New Today – NX Kumgang Genuine Etching Parts ~

I will introduce the new product shipped today (∩ · ∀ ·) ∩


1/700 GUP 135 Battles NEXT Japan Navy Battleship Kanego Genuine Etching Parts

I reproduced the delicate ship’s outfit that can not be expressed with plastics products with etching parts!

It helps for more advanced detail up (+ · · · · ·) Doiya


Now, let’s make ヽ (* · ω ·) person (· ω · *) ノ

Thanks! !

Cyber ​​- formulas –

Asura da G. S. X Clear – Body Ver.

And the detail up part

It seems to be very popular,

Thank you very much.

Something like “Transformation Cyborg”

There is something to push.


It was worthwhile plating the wheels.

You can see it properly.

This is a package of Detail Up Parts.

The right is a package for overseas.


Actually Cyber ​​- Formula - 

It is very popular overseas.

It will also be sold soon in the country,

Customers abroad

Please buy me so.

Thankfully it is.



John Lydon is a voice actor?


For money? Are you free?

It will be changed if it changes.


Is not it the current PIL?


Character goods of PISTOLS?

With this kind of mug,

It decides to be unpleasant! !



Is it the cosmetic shop ‘s day today?

Although it is natural Hanashi, it is hot. 
The air conditioner of commuter car he repaired last year was also bad this year Goessori, I became disgusted already …


At such a timing, the proper car Glittercame out with 
reasonable content as it was so I dared to buy it. Of course it is a used car, but it was a storage covered car with a covered 2,000,000 kilometers. So the old age is old, but the pain in each part is small and it is a good feeling. I am glad that the air conditioner works properly !and since it is a car equipped with a direct 6 engine, I feel good after all note
. Although my car history started with RB 20, I came with RB 25, RB 26, L 20, L 28, 1 G and this is the first 1 JZ became. The commuter car so far was a pallet, so compared to this fuel economy is inevitably bad monthly monthly monthly fuel costs will take about 1.5 times, but it has become unpleasant to get on with the poor running mini cars already So I would like to enjoy comfortable commuting with 1JZ for a while.

Well, that’s why we started selling new products in July so introduce Chachachu ~


The ☆ model car No. 85 
1/24 Toyota AE 85 
Corolla Levin 1500 SR ’85

First of all, package






It is like this. 
“Easy variations kit probably only made decals to Tekito to Dorchester Nante kit of AE85 ” is Nante cheap seen tend to Levin of Hachigo, but I was made to firmly put the money in serious this time and iron chin wheel of genuine , The rear drum brake parts are added with new mold. People who make Hachirok’s 2-door GT self, please divert this drum brake.What?


The ☆ model car No. 86 
1/24 Toyota AE86 
Sprinter Trueno GT-APEX ’84

First of all, package






It is like this. 
“It It also came to make Nante again many times AE86 kit loading and also full mode by Ne need ” but is Trueno of Nante cheap seen tend to Hachiroku, also firmly we were made to serious over the money this time of genuine Treno early lips and genuine aluminum wheels are added. Oh I’m sorry genuine aluminum is ahead but this time appeared for the second time since entering the pre-paint , but is a new mold the previous fiscal year lip of the current topic, was working hard to sober is Trueno previous term two-tone paint for masking seal. I always heard from you users that it is hard for Hachiroku panda two-tone to paint … so I tried making it for the time being. Of course, even if you use this masking sticker, it does not change that the degree of difficulty is high, so try hard and try hard.!

!  !ASEASETaller


Yes Tsugitigi ~ 
The ☆ model car No. 87 
1/24 Toyota UZS 131 
crown Royal Saloon G’89

First of all, package




It is like this. 
This time it is UZS131 of V8. 
By the way, now I’m looking for a news gathering car for 13 series crown. 
The condition is a wide body car that is close to normal, so-called 3 number car. The engine is OK even at 1 G, 7 M, 1 JZ or 1 UZ. Shizuoka prefecture nearby is ideal, but please let me know if you have such a real car. 
I will inform you of the interview by all means.


That’s why the three cars we introduced today are scheduled to be shipped by our company on the 30th of the week. Please go out to the neighborhood plastic model shop by all means.