The highlight amongst our new December releases will be the Royal Class Fw 190A early version kit in 1/48 scale. This Royal Class kit will present the Fw 190A-2 version for the very first time, not just from Eduard, but the first from any manufacturer! As well as this version, it will include also the A-3 (Eduard’s first release) in both two and four-cannon versions, plus the A-4, again in two and four-cannon versions, and in addition there will be two variants of cooling flaps, or more precisely slots, in this kit. – Dual Combo – Fw 190A-2, A-3, A-4, including fighter bombers – decals by Cartograf for 14 camouflage schemes (+ decals by Eduard) – colored photo-etched accessories, paint mask – Brassin undercarriage wheels, covers for the A-2 mask, engine covers with tropical dust filters. – beer glass with unique Fw 190A design – an A2 format poster with artwork by Piotr Forkasiewicz


Scale: 1:35

Barcode: 4820183311221

Series: WW II Military Miniatures

Box size: 260x162x35 mm

Parts QTY: 85

Set includes 5 unassembled, unpainted figures of german crewmen and german infantry weapons & equipment.

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New product ☆ Explanation of Chibi Maru Kii! !

Today is the new product in December

We will introduce the Chibi Maru fleet Kii!




Here I will reviewWink

What is the Chibi Maru fleet series?What?


It is a kit with deformed cute sharp model as cute palm sizeheart


Multicolor molding, no adhesive requiredGlitter

Real seals are attached and fine coatings are also reproduced.


The kit is a snap on kit and glue is unnecessaryStar

Then, about this Kii!





Chibi’s Kii has become a specification with anti-submissive camouflage!

The hull is molded with the outer string No. 22 color!

The outer string No. 21 color is reproduced with a familiar seal!

In the Kii this time there is also a difference in the pattern of No. 21 electric search

We have reproduced with different seal stylesWink!

And it is the greatest feature of Kii

Two guns are reproduced and the main gun is reproduced with a new moldnote

Package illustration of Chibimaru series this time was drawn by Mr. Kurokawa KurokawaGlitter

The atmosphere has changed dramatically with the Chiba Maru series so far

It is appearing in the dockGrinGlitter


A moving crane that only exists in Kure!


The transparency of the glass bridge window is also reproducedStar

What is behind you is EtajimaSurprised



Attention and tricks to various places!













Release is December!

Please wait for a while.





Well then again next time it was May (‘▽ `) ノ

Shipped today! Notice of 2 new products

We will introduce three NEWnew products shipped today NEW.


It is a kit with an aircraft battleship and Mizuumi setairplane

1/700 FHSP25 Japan Navy Air Battleship Ise Full Hull Model

1/72 Rui Yun Set

In 1964, it was renovated to an air battleship ship, the rear five and six turrets were removed,

You can reproduce the peculiar figure in which the hangar and the air deck are installed in the full hull model.




1/700 FHSP 26 Japan Navy Air Battleship Hinata Furuharu

Model 1/72 Rui Yun Set

Remove the main guns No. 5 and No. 6 at the rear to provide a hangar and flight deck,

It has been renovated to an air battleship, equipped with a gun at the aft and can express a figure that augmented anti-aircraft weapons.




The attached Suikumo is here ↓ ↓

The decal belongs to No. 634 Navy Air Corps Unit No. 201

The 634th Navy Air Corps made up of aerial battleships Ise · Hyuga and the Suizumo watercraft reconnaissance aircraft, comet of the ship bomber,

As the 4th Air Squadron, we conducted training for the coming war battle.


Seiun clung together as planned to be loaded in Hyuga and did not fulfill real fighting participation as an air battleship loaded machine,

In the Philippines · Okinawa area I engaged in reconnaissance, night attack, attacking mission and so on.


Limited kit with Seiun cloud, please try by all meansheart