Colors are the soul of models. As a modeller who paints the models

you certainly have a lot of paints. Have you ever tried to find a place of right size to store these paints? Or do you just leave them on the messy workbench? Those are not the right choices.

This latest MENG MTS-043 Modular Acrylic Paint Rack/Base Set will help you say goodbye to the inconvenience. This product includes a paint rack and a base. It can accommodate 15 bottles of 17ml MC series acrylic paints. The bottles are stored obliquely downward with the bottle caps face inward. So, the solid materials of paints will move downward and you can use the paints anytime you want. The paint rack can be connected to the paint rack base and the MTS-043a Acrylic Paint Rack Expansion Module via its bottom plugs. The paint rack holes are marked with different colors, so you can easily find the paints you need. Now get this product and place your paint bottles in order!

Dear Friends here the Italeri news just released

Hurricane Mk. I – Battle of Britain 1:48 scale (2802)

Heinkel He-111H – Battle of Britain 1:72 scale (1436)

F-104 G Cockpit 1:12 scale (2991)

Italian Tanks – Semoventi M13/40 – M14/41 – M40 – M41 1:56 scale (15768)

Opel Blitz Radio Truck 1:35 scale (6575)

MAN F8 19.321 4×2 1:24 scale (3946)


Dragon DRA 4624 1/144 B-1B Lancer

EST ARRIVAL: June 2020




Dragon has resurrected its much-loved 1/144 scale kit of the B-1B Lancer bomber, giving rebirth to this item with newly tooled parts. Although this US Air Force bomber is officially named the Lancer, crews prefer to call it the “Bone” (phonetically it’s easy to see why – “B-One”!).

Dragon’s highly detailed 1/144 scale model kit of the B-1B Lancer mimics the shape of the real aircraft. Furthermore, its wings can be swept backwards or forwards according to the modeler’s wishes. The sleek fuselage is accurately reproduced too. This upgraded model includes new additions such as the AN/AAQ-33 Sniper Advanced Targeting Pod as well. In order to model a bomber engaged in combat in such places as Kosovo, Iraq or Afghanistan, a full bomb load is included. Thus, GBU-31 JDAM munitions are available to fill the bomb bay (which can be shown open or closed) of this delightfully detailed scale model. Given a new lease of life after being discontinued for so long, modelers will definitely want to pick this Bone!