【Zvezda】-Japan Model Hobby Show + full info about 15-30 new kits on the way 10/11/12-2017

“The World of Childhood 2017” was held in Moscow, where all domestic manufacturers of plastic bench models have been participating for several years already. Our company is a regular participant of this event and presents various novelties to the public.
This year at our stand were presented already released models Yak-130, IL-76, MSTA-S and others.
We also presented Iskander-M spectators on a scale of 1/72, which will appear in stores in the coming days and preliminary models of the upcoming novelties in the “toy toy” series for our youngest customers-the “Russian tank” and the “Russian helicopter.”

September 28, the XI All-Russia Forum of Modelists was held in the framework of the exhibition, where we told about our plans for the upcoming 2018. You already know a lot of things, in more detail everything will be described in the catalog, which we will publish closer to December, but in general terms the plans are as follows:
We got a license of KAMAZ and in the framework of cooperation we plan to produce a line of car models.
In the 1/35 scale, we are planning to update the T-34 line and start with T-34/85.
It is planned to release Ferdinand and Elephant, T-15 “Armata”, Ural 4320, Pz.IV Ausf.E.
We do not forget about armored vehicles on the scale of 1/72.
The plans include the issue of T-35, T-14 “Armata”, Pz.IV ausf.H and Jagdpanther.
We are also planning to develop a line of game miniatures in the “Art of Tactic” series, where, in addition to the already announced T-44, Pz-4H and Su-76M models, 1/100 sets of figures will be released in 1/100 and a full game set for Berlin 1945.
Aviation fans are waiting for the A-50, the passenger version of the Tu-204 and IL-76TD (all in 1/144).
In 1/72 you are waiting for the Mi-24P, Yak-130 in the firm Yakovlev coloring and Su-27UB.
And for fans of 1/48 we have a surprise.
For the fans of the fleet at least it is planned to produce one more boat of the Borey project on a scale of 1/350.
And finally – the release of super-flowing glue is planned.

Friends, let’s finally open our plans for the model Tu-204 in scale 1/144.
This is our joint project with the Russian Post. The model is manufactured in the livery of Russian Post aircraft and will be sold ONLY at the Post offices. In the model stores, it will not be sold. However – we do not think that this is scary, because the Post offices are literally in every city of our country.

The airplane is produced in the transport version and will be cast from colored plastic so that even beginners can get a model in the livery of the Russian Post without painting. But do not think that the model is simplified – the details at it on the level and the modelers can collect a beautiful copy.

In the network, photos of the test assembly of the model have already flashed from the excursion to the factory, and the other day we exhibited this model at our stand at the World of Childhood-2017 exhibition in Moscow.

On sale this fall.