About hobby modeling magazine the Director.

I’m quite familiar with hobby model collectors and young collectors
And I have a lot of experience in this hobby over 65 Years and i like to contribute to my personal knowledge for the younger generation
and Which is also a second family to lot of model collectors and young collectors

im Inventor and aeronautical engineer With great experience on Modelling world

I am aeronautical engineer and this is my professional background to this amazing hobby
have impressive military record as a high ranking commander and a good person who helps the community contribute and help in order to help others

Know Over 200 leading model manufacturers worldwide

over time i get sale and buy kits to my private collection and i have over 30,000+ hobby model kits

and part of my free time i post a lot Articles and Projects & hobby News

as my BIG passion for this hobby

knows this industry Very Good and I have small factory for models .
***we over 50,000 unique visitors daily and over 500000 page views every month***
and we familiar with SOCIALS MEDIA and post on (Facebook/YouTube/Google Plus+/Twitter/Pinterest) professional reviews and updates & Unboxing kits videos

hope you like my blog and have fun 🙂