Hi everyone. Pictures released of the 1/48 88001-A upgraded Kfir. With new Decals and weapons. “Super Thin Fins” On weapons which are slide molded. Everything fits perfectly into the new box so no more bent plastic. The fins are almost see through they are so fine. Hold up to the light and see what we mean. This kit has the Coke Bottle fuselage. Please enjoy the pictures and share as much as you like.

Shipping today’s new product information – Nameplate plate –

I’m going to buy it GhostΨ (`∀ ‘) Ψ Kagagata


· · · It is a joke Yo (o’· ∀ · `o) Nico ♪


Well, in August this year from the First and Second Solomon Naval Battle in Showa 17

It is the year of the milestone of 75 years Yo (* ^ ▽ ^ *)

To complement the exhibits of ships engaged in naval battle,

“Operation nameplate for exhibition” that marked the strategy & name of the ship appeared! ヾ (@ ° ▽ ° @) ノ

I will introduce shipment of new products todayskull



Name Plate 300 Japan Navy Battleship Display Plate Name “August Showa 17 August First Primary Solomon Battle”

– Defeat enemies that land on Guadalcanal Island! –

An offshore model of 1/700 scale “special series” and “full hul series”

It corresponds to Toriumi of deformed “Chibi Maru Fleet” Yoho Ho Ho Ho (* ¯O ノ ¯ *)

The content of the nameplate is recorded mainly on the name of the ship of Toriumi who participated in the background of the naval warfare chart. Yo (‘艸 `)

Heaven Tour “Kako · Old Hawk · Aoba · Kinugasa” · Light Tour “Tenryu · Yubari” also included Including schedule ヽ (◇ ◇ ゚) ノ




Name Plate 301 Japan Navy Battleship Display Nameplate

“August 1952 Second Battle of Solomon (Tactical Forces Corps)”

– Tribe Battle Battle Battle in Solomon Seas! –

Contents of the nameplate include Shozuru and Ruzuru of the main body of the Tactical Forces who participated in the background of naval warfare progress diagram

Recorded mainly on the third fleet main ship Yo (* ‘艸 `*)

Aircraft carrier “Sho-cran · Ruisuru” battleship “Hiei · Kirishima” Heavy cruiser “Chikuma” notation,

Ideal for exhibition of special series · full hull series (≧ ∇ ≦)

Also the heavy tour “Suzuya · Kumano” will be included in the notation and can be used for exhibits of other companies’ vessels Yo (° ∀ °) b




Nameplate plate 302 Japan Navy vessel nameplate for exhibition

“August 1952 Second Battle of Solomon (avant-garde)”

– Protect allied troops ~ Confront with US mobile units to intercept! –

Contents of the nameplate are the battleships of the mobile force team avant-garde who participated in the background of the naval warfare chart background

Focusing on the 2nd Fleet including flagship Atago!

Battleship “Mutsu” heavy cruiser “Atago · Takao · Maya · Myoko · Hakuroki” is written,

Ideal for exhibition of special series · full hull series Yoho HoMuggy

“Mutsu, Atago, Maaya” Hachimaru fleet also has a lineup

It is noteworthy as a related part for exhibition Yo γ (▽ ‘) Tsubu (`▽) ゞ




Nameplate Plate 303 Nameplate for Japanese Navy Battleship Display

“August 1952 Second Battle of Solomon (Tactical Forces Squad)”

– Army support! Mobil force troop to air raid and guard Guadalcanal Island! –

The content of the nameplate is led by Genjiro Hara who participated in the background of the naval warfare progress chart

Records the name of the ship’s naval forces troops (* ゚ ゚) ゞ

On the nameplate is a carrier aircraft “Ryujo” heavy cruise “Tone” destroyer “Tokiwazaki · Tianjin style”

The names of all ships which organized the division are written and it is convenient for exhibition of special series as a whole Yo (· ∀ ·) /

“Ryuugi and Masquerade Destroyer” also has a line-up in the Hibimaru fleet

Attention as a related part for exhibition (* ^ o ^ *)


that’s all! It was a new product guide ─ = ≡ Σ (((one · ω •)


Happy Harooo (* ¯ ³ ¯ *) ♡ ㄘ ゅ

I do lucky bags! I will also do 1/12 scale!

Big news! ! !

1/12 Big Scale Skyline

I will be back.up

1989 famous car, R32 Skyline GT-R appeared on 1/12 big scale.


□ Assembly is done with screws. Therefore, glue is unnecessary.

□ The material uses strong ABS resin (excluding some).

□ Metal shaft and die cast parts are used for the steering part

The front wheels move in conjunction.

□ The door / bonnet can be opened and closed, and the die cast part is used for the hinge part.

□ Use a spring for the door part and feel a slight resistance when closing it

It is designed.

□ Metal stay to use when opening the hood is attached.

□ Mesh parts of the front bumper are metal mesh, emblem used for the body,

It is an aluminum metal seal.

□ Instruments · Seat part · License plate reproduced with seal.

□ Plating seal inside the headlight. Seals for window frames are also included.


etc. Because it is big scale, it is content of plenty.

Although shipment is in March, it is still a little earlier, but it is under orders for reservation,

By all means, please contact your local dealer!  !


And then.

The other day, I came to Yodobashi Camera Shinjuku West Exit head office.

Please see the work of those who applied for at the scale model exhibitionnote


There were a lot of things you used Fujimi’s kit! ! !

I am very happy.A lol

Some of them are introduced.

(Because it is over the glass, I can only get what I was able to do well ,,, I’m sorry)

It was just a wonderful work!

Thank you very much!  !


After all it makes me happy to realize that you are actually enjoying with productsLovey dovey

Today is over in October

It will be two months remaining tomorrow this year.

It is early.


Next month’s release of Sanda – Bad 2 and the pirate ship

I have taken a picture again.

It is refreshing when lined up in line.

We also added a high-speed elevator car

Here is a newly constructed mecha.

Adsorption hand car and fire – truck





Then the pirate ship


I am doing a new docomark.


I think that it is atmosphere.

Additional note The Maritime Self-Defense Force US-2 will be resold in December

It seems to be a long-standing commodity.

We are reselling and we will rework the assembly drawing.