PLATZ 1/48 Etching parts set for MiG-21bis Model:M48-20

Etching parts for detail improvement for 1/48 scale Finnish Air Force MiG-21bis fishbed kit.
-The MiG-21 Fishbed is a Soviet fighter developed in the 1970s and 1980s. -In addition to the Soviet army, the Finnish Air Force also operated as an interceptor and reconnaissance aircraft from 1978 to 1998.
This set is an etching detail improvement part that can be conveniently used for assembling a 1/48 scale MiG-21bis jet fighter kit. This part contains parts that add delicate expressions to each part of the aircraft, including the details of the aircraft’s cockpit and legs.
Color printed etching parts are also used for the instrument panel, etc., realizing a more realistic finish. Photo-etched parts are made by Eduard. You can replace it with the plastic parts reproduced in the kit, and in addition, you can enhance the reality at the time of completion.
 The set also includes installation instructions. Please use it according to the kit.

*It is an etching part for detail improvement. Model body is not included.

PLATZ 1/144 Model:AE144-14 U.S. Navy carrier-based attack aircraft A-6 Intruder VA-115 Eagles

1/144 scale, A-6 Intruder plastic model assembly kit reproduced with a finished total length of about 110 mm – The kit
includes parts for two aircraft
The shape of the aircraft as well as the cockpit and legs are realistic
The parts are -Made by Dragon
Decals are made by Cartograf and include all 2 types of markings