1/24 ’80 Jeep ™ Honcho “Ice Patrol”


1/25 ’85 Oldsmobile ™ 442 ™ / FE3-X Show Car



New release of 1/35 decals today. Please take a look at the Star-Decals website for more information. Now is also the sets 35-C1089, 35-C1093 and 72-A1019 available again – reprinted and looking very good. NOTE: All of the old Bison-Decals sets will only be available to the end of 2017, after that it’s over.

35-C1098 Op. Telic # 3. Warrior. Occupation of Iraq.

35-C1104 US Special Shermans – M32B2 TRV in Europe 1944-45.

35-C1105 US 1st Armoured Division # 3 – M3 Lee. North Africa 1942-43.

35-C1106 Axis & East European PzKpfw IV. Bulgarian PzKpfw IV.


35-C1107 Axis & East European Tank mix # 1. Bulgarian light tanks and AFVs.

35-C1108 Kiwi Armour # 1. Special tanks – NZ Shermans and M31B1 TRV.

35-C1109 Kiwi Armour # 2. Shermans & Firefly – NZ 18th and 20th Arm. Reg.

35-C1110 Cambodia # 1. M113 APC in the 1970s.

35-C1111 Lebanese Tanks & AFVs #4. Generic unit insignias.

35-C1112 Lebanese Tanks & AFVs #5. More generic unit insignias.

35-C1113 Lebanese Tanks & AFVs #6. Futher more generic unit insignias.

35-C1114 Lebanese Tanks & AFVs #7. Even more generic unit insignias.

35-C1115 Lebanese Tanks & AFVs #8. Registration numbers and plates.

35-C1116 Indochine #2. M36B2, M4 Composite, M4 105mm, M4A1, Panther.

35-C1117 PzKpfw IV F2. PzKpfw IV F2 (early G) in Russia.

35-C1118 PzKpfw IV F2 and G. PzKpfw IV of the Waffen-SS.

35-C1119 SS-StuG # 3. 2. SS-Das Reich.

35-C1120 Lee in Burma. British M3 Lee in Burma 1944-45.

35-C1121 Shermans in Burma. British Mk V Shermans in Burma.

35-C1122 SS-Panthers # 6. Panther D. SS-LAH, Das Reich and H. von Salza.



1. One set of 2 SH-3A/D 2. The rotor, main gear and tail part can choose expand/open or close. 3. Side hatch can choose close-up or open. 4. Decal including Project Apollo 13 painting, Indian Navy, Royal Canadian Navy, American Navy. 5.Cockpit with dashboard details and both sides structure of the rear cabin.