[Airfix] 1/72 Vickers Wellington Mk.IC 1:72 + TEST -Expected: May 2018

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Britain’s bomber force at the beginning of the Second World War only consisted of around 300 aircraft and was made up of both light and medium bomber squadrons.  The most capable medium bomber of the day was the twin-engined Vickers Wellington, which first flew 1936 and entered RAF service with No.99 Squadron at Mildenhall in October 1938. The production aircraft bore little resemblance to the prototype aircraft and compared to contemporary medium bombers already in service, the Wellington appeared to be much more advanced in design and an aircraft to be feared by any potential enemy.  Its sleek monoplane design and heavy defensive armament placed the new Wellington as one of the most advanced and capable medium bombers in the world.

Perhaps the most significant feature of the Wellingtons design was the adoption of a geodetic construction method, which was developed by famous British engineer and inventor Barnes Wallis. Duralumin W-beams were used to form a metal lattice-work construction on to which wooden battens would be screwed, which would then allow the doped fabric outer skin of the aircraft to be attached. The resultant fuselage was relatively light in weight but possessed great strength and whilst this method of construction posed challenges for companies engaged in manufacturing Wellington bombers, the inherent strength of the design would prove crucial when the aircraft was thrust into combat. Capable of withstanding significant battle damage, numerous RAF Wellingtons managed to bring their crews back home, when other bombers would have failed to do so.


Cyber ​​Hobby 1/35 WW.II Soviet Army T-34/76 1940 Type w / Soviet Army Small Arms Set

  • Model: CH 9153
  • Manufacturer: Dragon / DRAGON


Product features

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About actual vehicle

Among the tanks that appeared in World War II, Soviet T – 34 is one of the tanks called masterpieces.
It was a well-balanced tank, such as a superior inclined armored body design at the beginning of the strike, a high track mobility due to a wide range of crawler tracks and light foot suspension, and adoption of a diesel engine. Developed based on the experience of the Spanish civil war etc. which broke out from 1936 to 39. The first mass production type was 1940 type.
In September 1940 the first car rolled out. The main gun had a 30.5 caliber 76.2 mm tank cannon L-11 installed. During 1940, it was produced only at the 183 Kharkov locomotive plant, producing nearly 120 pairs.
Production started at the Stalingrad and Tractor Factory (STZ) in 1941 and by the first half of 1919 a total of about 200 were produced.

About the kit

It is a plastic model assembly kit which reproduced Soviet troops T-34/76 on 1/35 scale.

The model is the first production model, modeling the 1940 model. In addition to firmly reproducing the features of the 1940 type T – 34/76, in this set we set up firearms such as Soviet military machine guns. It is a GEN 2 type part of the dragon whose sharp detail is gaining high evaluation. Typical PPSh M 1941, DP 1928, PPS 43, and M 1891/30 used by Soviet soldiers of the Second World War. It is a nice bonus as a display and scene accessory accessory.

Of course, the T-34/76 is also a realistic finish. 1940 model features are firmly restrained and reproduced. The turret that expressed the details of the detail surely is a welding turret type and reproduces the short gun barrel 76 mm cannon of 30.5 caliber in the main gun. The lower part of the car body also reproduces the layout of the springs equipped on the inside, and finish that understands the mechanism of the suspension.
Of course, the suspension arm is also separate and solid feeling is sufficient. In addition, the crawler belt adopts the assembled type of plastic parts. The upper part of the car body accurately models the excellent shape at the time of impact. Two headlights equipped on the front of the car body and spare crawler tracks placed on the fender, tool boxes and scoops are reproduced to enhance the feeling.

Marking prepares decals and slogans drawn on the turret. Bonus parts also join, the kit makes the finish fun.

Major features

  • Reproduced T-34/76 first production type, Gen 2 parts Soviet Army small fire set included!
  • Firmly reproduces the features of the 1940 type T-34/76
  • The turret that certainly expressed detail details is a welding turret type, and the main gun reproduces a short gun barrel 76 mm cannon of 30.5 caliber.
  • Caterpillar adopts assembled magic truck
  • The upper part of the car body accurately models excellent shape at the time of impact
  • Marking prepares slogans etc. drawn on the turret at a decal
  • As bonus parts Soviet military machine firearms such as machine guns, set with proven Gen 2 parts
  • Representative Representative PPShM 1941, DP 1928, PPS 43, M 1891/30 used by Soviet Army soldiers of World War II