Marder 3 Hull Upgrade for Tamiya Sdkfz139 Maker:K59 Scale:1/35 Material:resin Release Date:2023-12-11 Item No:C-027 Price:HKD 260.00

Marder 3 Ammo Bin for Tamiya Marder 3 Sdkfz139 (MM248)Maker:K59 Scale:1/35 Material:resin Release Date:2023-12-10 Item No:C-026 Price:HKD 220.00

  • Fully Detail Ammo Bin which could be built with or without lip.
  • Sections of shell storage tube included. details faithfuully reproduced.
  • MP40 magazine pouch is cast with D-rings at the back and hang onto the hooks of their mount.
  • Also included are shell end plates, 2 types included 7.62cm Panzergranatpatrone 40 and 7.62cm Granatpatrone 38.