Skyline GT-R Pato shipped with a maniac decal!

Saitama prefectural police put in prefecture fee R34. Two V specs Ⅱ with motif service, with early model type marking, can be reproduced with other company’s skyline products! · Decal reproduces individual differences such as anti-aircraft display, font of prefectural police name, smoking notation and radio trace! It is super maniac

NEW FROM Legend Productions – Release Date:2018-12-04

IDF PUMA BATASH Conversion set

For Hobbyboss KIT

Scale: 1/35
Material: resin
Item No: LF1360

M1A1/A2 Tank Stowage set III

Scale: 1/35
Material: resin
Item No: LF1359


US Duffle Bag set (Modern/10 pcs)

Scale: 1/35
Material: resin
Item No: LF1358

US Duffle Bag set (WW2/10 pcs)

Scale: 1/35
Material: resin
Item No: LF1357





Sherman explore plus!

Sherman collection

I have not told you there are various things and there are differences. . .
So plus for shaman exploration!

Although it is a little, I will send information on Sherman!

This image will
be added to the Asuka model general website catalog section. I will also blog!

Meng Model 1/35 TS-035 Sd.Kfz.171 Panther Ausf.A Late combo with Track set+First batch with bonus Metal barrel NOW ON SALE

“Panther”, Germany’s best mid-sized World War II tanks, was born Germany is a spent force, with its unrestrained performance as the backbone of the German minority can rely on, and even served in the hands of opponents to the post-war. The slender 7.5 cm KwK 42 L / 70 tank can penetrate almost any opponent’s armor; the inclined armor has more protection than the Tiger I; the Maybach HL230 engine delivers 50 km / h of high-speed, wide Crawler and cascading wheels made the gullies flat, and Panthers perfectly responded to all the tank armor requirements of the German armored units. Criminal days was cut off his head, still fighting the ax more than fighting, fighting in despair, always burst into a dazzling flash. At that time, officers and soldiers driving “Panthers” faced the outcome of the war, still leaving awe-inspiring record of the opponent, roaring engine, is the confidence of his comrades; artillery shriek, is a response to fate. Smoke disappeared, bloody fade, cold steel beast became the hot hearts of model players hearts, and “Panthers” is undoubtedly one of the most sought after chariots.

After a lapse of more than ten years, another “Panther” type A assembly model is coming soon. MENG TS-035 German medium-sized tank Sd.Kfz. 171 “Panthers” A late-type, is our famous World War II and the British tank museum in the United States and “MENG AFV MODELLER” magazine editor David Parker, Chariot assembled model, after the completion of full-length 251.8mm, width 98.6mm, height 85.27mm, a total of 1118 parts. This model integrates the MENG R & D team’s summary of past products and continues to implement the principle of giving more joy to different players. I believe it will bring you a more interesting experience.


Introduction of nanodore battleship Yamato set

Although it is a release of the year before next year,

Set of 1/700 scale nano-dread series

Battleship Yamato (Last Showa 19) Set

We are in preparation!

This set consists of so-called detail up parts

It is an assortment.

So while there is no Yamato body, parts are

This is only included

In the first place what is nanodreded?

I think that some people say,

Nano-dread and a single piece carved a mold with a laser ,

It is a very precise plastic part !

Detail which can be seen for the first time using a magnifying glass is ordinarily given. The pictures are all 1/700 scale parts.

It is precise, but because it is made of plastic, you can easily improve the sense of precision compared to etched parts made of metal .

* Nippers may be good if there is a reasonable price of thin blades


Well then I’d like to try using nanodreads for battleship Yamato’s production, but it is troublesome to find which one to buy …

When we buy existing products to it, surplus parts

It gets out and costs extra money …


And, it is recommended for those who think!

Since only the quantity necessary for battleship Yamato is included,

There are fewer surplus parts than purchasing separately,

Without waste can align the necessary amount at the point ofyou.


Well, if you want to keep for another ship,

Why do not you share with friends who do not waste time ?

As you may be wondering,

That’s not true.

Also seen in one runner unit price discount because we are

Even though it is thought to be an assortment of simple nanodreds

It is very affordable.


Because of limited items, almost all orders from each model store produce

So please be sure to reserve it at the store !