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Here more details about 1/72 scale kits from us.

1/72 Case VAI Tractor (military and civilian variants) coming soon.
1/72 Case VAC Tractor (civilian with farming accessories)
coming soon
1/72 Scammell Pioneer Recovery Tractor SV/2S winter 2018
1/72 Scammell Artillery Tractor R100 early 2019 (Nuremberg Fair)

1/48 Case VAI tractor (military and civilian variants) winter 2018

trumpeter-china Latest Products 31/08/2018


trumpeter 2018-10 new product notice

AOSHIMA 1/700 Limited British Navy Heavy Cruiser Exeter Atlantic Fleet Protection Operation water line

Exeter 2nd British Empire Navy Smallest strongest Corvette included! !

What is a flower grade corvette? 
Along with German rearmament, Britain assumed a fleet warfare in the open ocean, furthermore, emphasizing the local defense game on the coast, adopted a small anti-whaling ship as a shipwrecked ship. Beginning in 1939, from 1940 to 44, 140 vessels were built in the UK and 123 vessels in Canada, bringing out warfare including compiling over 40 submarines. Originally it was a security and escort in the coastal area, but it was also used for fleet guarding in the open ocean.

  • This time we received 2 flower-grade Corvettes, which were the key to the patrol duties in the UK
  • Etched parts, with wooden deck sheet
  • Flower grade corvette will be commercialized for the first time on 1/700 scale

* The image that is published is a prototype


Although the release is gradually approaching EF 66, samples of wheels of aluminum made simultaneously are delivered.

Although there are still fixes, I will introduce the introduction of the kit as well.


This is an aluminum wheel (sold separately) which will be released at the same time

Although it is a parting spot which is also the point of view of EF 66 this time, I explained it before, but it is close to 100 parts with one truck, and the detail is pretty sticking considerably.


Originally it is a plastic resin wheel, but here we will manufacture it with aluminum wheels, sold separately.


First of all, it is a wheel unit.

In this kit, we have reproduced the wheel under the wheel which will become invisible once it gets set up. As shown in the picture below, the cover is attached so it will be completely hidden.

And it is the frame of the dolly (both ends).

There is also particular attention here, and after springing up it is almost impossible to see the spring inside springs also reproduced with metal springs.

↓ It is the back side.

↓ I can see it is real?

And here is the completed one

Although the brake may be movable, it may be incomprehensible, but the sandbox is also reproduced in a real way.

After completion we have plenty of weight!


Today is the end for now.

I will introduce you in the future at a later date.


See you next week.

[Reservation special price November shipping schedule] Electric locomotive EF 66 latter type 1/45 train museum OJ No 4 # Plastic model

Description of item

A yearning electric locomotive “EF 66” appeared dignified! !

The high power electric locomotive “EF 66” representing Showa will be released in the train museum series at last. About 2 years in development period, over 3,000 pieces of interview pictures were taken to reproduce the brave appearance of EF 66 in detail. Especially the reproduction of the dolly and pantograph is confident. It is a late model called secondary car to sell. Please enjoy this locomotive with different charm from DD51 on sale while assembling.

  • Total length of about 400 mm, total height of about 120 mm (including pantograph)
  • About 1,000 parts for all parts
  • Etching, metal seal included
  • PS22 type pantograph attached
  • The attached display stand reversibly reproduces two kinds of flat trackbed and maintenance pit