Introduction of 2 new products

This time, just shipped the day before yesterday,

We will introduce two kits that comes with “Painted Colored Pedestal for Display”Rungnun


Neither, it does not fall into the hands only with this product design Limited isWink


Please purchase so as not to miss the purchaseSurprised Mark




The first point is …

TMSPOT 6 TIGER Ⅰ Michael Wittman

(With colored base for display)

To German Ace’s Michael · Vittman riding vehicle (initial type S21 car)

A pedestal printed with cobblestone image of the European road is attached

Pedestals reproduce dust and debris, tracks of trams, cartridge cases, etc.OK

Vehicle name design with signboard motifPlease

Not as a pedestal, it is cute and fashionable to decorate as it isheart

Because it is a size that fits perfectly with Chibi Maru Tanks,

Please stick to the posing and display itA lol

The second point is …

Chibi Maru SPOT 25 Chibi Maru Fleet Battleship Ise

(With colored base for display)

To the battleship Ise carrying all six turrets,

A pedestal printed with wave pattern and ship name is attached

A different blue base is freshGlitter

Design is familiar with “moving background” Takumi Shimada’s isWink

If you show off the ship’s bottom part and display it, it’s like a force that is really moving on the oceanGlitter

Beautiful ocean color, shape of real waves,

I certainly want to see it by all meansheart

Both pedestals are about 15 centimeters by 10 centimeters, about 1.5 centimeters tall.

Vehicle name, name of ship is printed diagonally, it is also horizontal design .

If you display it so that the front faces you, you can decorate it in a space-saving manner without taking up spaceOK

I think that it is around the corner at the shop soon, so please take it in handA lol

Three consecutive holidays will be home for the time beingShinkansen backFront of the Shinkansen

It was an innocent where the dialect revived when I returned to my parents homeLol