It has become really cold ,,, Alright, The main body of TB-2 released in December ,,,

I made it transparent.


Because TB – 2 internal mechanical parts are attached,

I tried it this time.


In Imai ‘s era “Skeleton Body”

It was on sale.

As expected, Mr. Imai, type is shiny ,,,



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Next, the British cruiser Exeter

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It is o – sodox design.

Anyone can put it together.

[Great Wall GWH] research pole guard birth – L4820 1/48 Su-35S flanker E research and development

Watermark seal painting town hall – Su-35S “Blue 24” number “Heroes of the Soviet Union Ivan Gorbunov” naming machine, the Russian air force 22nd Guards Fighter Regiment

must first make a small statement: The title of “research pole” only used to describe the Su-35 in-kind, does not refer to the model itself, do not go deep into it.
After all, the model is always better and not the best, and we should always treat each theme and product with awe and humility.

This post hopes that we will develop this product by understanding the Su-35, through the popular way to share and discuss with your fans, it will be serialized way until the product is listed.

Before the beginning of the text, popularize a little bit of knowledge:
I often see the English-style Russian aircraft playing a variety of languages, as patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder was very uncomfortable, or fooling about the Russian aircraft to speak English correctly.

Su -35 correct English expression is only one, that is Su-35-S uppercase, u lowercase letters and numbers as a bar.

Why is this? In fact, there are strict rules on the case of the aircraft in Russia. Capital letters represent the first letter of the name of the design office, and the lower case only means pronunciation.
In other words, Sukhoi Design Bureau’s aircraft number will only be Su, but not SU or su.
Similarly, the MiG machine “MiG” represents the Mi (Mikoyan) + G (Gleiczeqi). If written as a MIG, the meaning becomes the third letterhead designer I also mixed inside, making a big joke.
For another example, Jacques Design Bureau’s number Yak, except for Y ak are lowercase, is the same – they only represent the pronunciation, combined with the size of the letter reflects the name of the Design Bureau.

Look rough may be some biting words, but in fact there is still a stress here, I hope later in the formal occasions to see more norms of Russian aircraft English number.
The above ink end, enter the question.

First, the preamble

Su-35 at the time of the decision to develop just mass production, hot hot potato, coupled with China’s air force has also become the first foreign users of the model, the market value of self-evident.
But at the same time as a brand new active combat aircraft, its lack of information is also proportional to its popularity, arguably the most headache for model developers.

Shortly after a prestigious 1/72 Su-35 model was launched in a veteran aircraft brand in a neighboring country, the official Sukhoi Design Board drawings and more were suddenly appearing on the network, and as a result fans found the 1 / 72 The model is unsatisfactory.

If this blueprint can be released before the finalization of the model, the quality of the product may be able to rise to the next level.

Coupled with the Su-35 this fighter into mass production, but the details of the adjustment is still ongoing, resulting in different batches of completely different details (will be explained in detail later).

Taking into account the future development direction of Su-35, we decided to design the later-stage type as the development standard while taking into consideration the medium-term type. In the latter two models, we can choose to make them according to the coating scheme.

The entire design process is difficult and trivial. In the process of collecting and organizing boring data and communicating with the 3D team, we often see the spirit of the bright spot with the correct modification. We immediately see other mistakes. “The whole person is not good” The situation.

The fact that our group of so-called “consultants” really seem to be the most nitpicking-over example in the eyes of others can not stand the outbreak if they are my words.

So in this 3D team to pay tribute to you all, without your impatience dedication, our group of patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder has long been “chronic illness” “died.”

Lastly, I would like to thank the domestic and foreign friends who participated in this project. Like me, they are only amateurs. They use their spare time to share their understanding and knowledge of the aircraft unselfishly to us only for a simple motive: to create A veritable airplane model designed by model lovers for model enthusiasts.

It should be said that they have long been no longer satisfied with the hands-on model, but rose to the hope that their understanding of the model into the product, and other fans can enjoy the higher level of this achievement!

They are:

Russian friend Alexander Drannikov (responsible for shape supervision)

Hungarian friend Gabor Szekeres (responsible for details of supervision, painting and water paste research and design)

Chinese model guru, Independent model producer Gu Quan (screen name “a”, responsible for the details of supervision)

may have you found that involved in the supervision of this project are not many people.

Although they are all high-end enthusiasts who have a profound knowledge of aircraft models or real aircraft, they always insist on perfectionism to design this product. However, after all, there may be mistakes and omissions. Advise

Second, the product positioning and features
First of all, I still hope you would like to re-think, “model” in the end what is the definition?

As its name implies, “model” is to imitate the object in proportion to reduce the object, in other words, the model is the most important and most basic purpose is to “like.”

This “image” is easy to say and quite difficult to do – take the aircraft model, the outline and charm of the entire aircraft should be different with the photo.

In order to satisfy the delight of the naked eye, the details allow for a proper exaggeration, insisting on the physical object, since the airplane model is light if the rivets and grooves are narrowed to exact dimensions, since nothing can be seen at all. This time in order to “look good” you need a reasonable exaggeration exaggerated.

Therefore, we design the positioning of this product, in short, is to ensure the combination of degrees under the premise, as much as possible to restore the physical structure and details, to ensure rich visual effects and stand rigorous rigorous research.

Thanks to the popularity of information technology, in the later stages of the design, the information obtained was even more abundant than when the MiG-29 was designed five years ago. In addition to a large number of photos, there was a more intuitive and high-resolution video. Coincides with the Russian space army Su-35S participated in the Syrian combat, we are also very lucky to get the first time to participate in actual Su-35 on the details of the changes in the details. In addition, the public debut at the 2017 Moscow Air Show also gave us a great opportunity to adjust the details in the last second.

The model has the following features:

(1) At present, the only standard mid- and late-stage feature production Su-35S, where S is the initial letter of the Russian “mass production” Seriinye (Su-35 in our country)

(2) Currently only L-265M10 Khibiny-M electronic jamming pod (left and right asymmetric details)

(3) Currently only K-36D-5 ejection seat (Su-57 and Su-35 special modified K-36 Seat), and the details of the general K-36DM were able to distinguish between the performance

(4) the only way to restore the correct tactical watermark affixed to the tactical label, tactical watermark affixed to all reference physical photos, one by one corresponding redesign, in particular, thanks Gabor nearly 3 Months of hard work! (Personally think that this tactical logo water foil gold value back to the fare).

(5) Air intakes and engine nacelles are separate integral parts, and the slider mold is used to ensure the details and combination of the sides.

(6) The cockpit cover can be replaced at any time in the open and closed state instead of the fixed state in the past – – this can easily enjoy the rich and beautiful details cockpit profile curve

(7) and a flap slat part as a separate, optional retractable state

(8) freely rotatable horizontal tail

(9) exhaust nozzle spherical joint , Can rotate 360 ​​degrees. Tail-jet port leaves open and close the two states

(10) Landing gear inside the cover, the wheel compartment, part of the engine nacelle cover, reinforcement with round rivets, etc. are convex nails performance, loyalty to the textual research and greatly enriched vision effect

(11) A total of three kinds of concave nails specifications, the number of rivets on different covers are basically in accordance with the physical picture to adjust

(12) The configuration of weapons for the pure air mount, respectively, 2 R- 27ET (AA- ) Medium-range air-to-air missiles, two R-27ER medium-range air-to-air missiles, four R-77 mid-range air to air missiles and four R-73s “) Short-range air-to-air missiles

(13) Four painting programs are the Russian air force: Syria actual combat aircraft” red 06 “(later renamed the” Red 24 “at the Moscow air show in 2017); the Soviet heroes The name of the machine “blue 24”; the Soviet hero named “red 25” (the rudder with the Russian flag)

(14) etched stainless steel sheet, the intensity is guaranteed and no need to color. Parts Used: R-73 Missile Attack Angle Sensor, Jammer Launcher Protective Cap, Wing Formation Light

Let’s take a look at the comparison of this model with the real thing, which is why we work hard for so long.

As the 3D design draft is more intuitive compared, so the following comparison are using 3D design draft images.

(Of course, Needless to say, thanks to the experience and serious and responsible mold factory, in-kind effect can be guaranteed consistent with the 3D.)

Third, the design verification
(a) batch differences
As mentioned earlier, Su-35S stereotypes Postpartum has been optimized throughout the modification, the following is the different characteristics of several batches.
This paragraph to the late model for the standard design, taking into account the medium-term, convenient for fans based on different painting programs to choose their own.

Overall Size The
Su-35 S has the following dimensions:
Length: 21935 mm (top of radome to top of caudal vertebra), 467 mm in 1/48
wingspan: 14,700 mm (when fitted with P-72 wing tip pylon ), Converted to 1/48 to 306.2 mm
15300 mm (equipped with L-265M10 Khibiny-M electronic jamming pods ), converted to 1/48 to 318. 8 mm side

guard family down gesture is very elegant, dropping machine Head like a slender crane, landing gear and a forward tilt – Su-35 is no exception.

Please see the picture below and the above text note:

(Iii) the nose radar
Su-35S is a common nose 27 Su- biggest difference region, mainly in the radar shroud slightly without the installation of various types of sensors, installation of air refueling tube, causing various The details are subtle ups and downs.
At the same time, the Irbis-E ( Snow Leopard E ) radar actually adds some parts to the production Su-35S, slightly different from the pre-production models 901 and 902.
These are all reflected in the kit, please continue to see the specific pictures:

Head is still a problem.
The relationship between the length of the lightning protection bar and the length of the whole head cone is related to the curvature of the head cone section. The intersection of the two sections of the large head of the whole head cone is located at a third of the lightning protection bar.
The head cone cross-section of 35 and 27 has no difference in the curvature of the entire section except for the correlation with the HTS.

Thanks to C milk ! Small breasts big palm of your hand, you said these changes under the light refraction, in fact, we have considered.
Please see below for the record of our changes (June 2016).
Perhaps these extremely delicate surface changes are not noticeable on CAD, but may be more pronounced after painting.