It is a new product in November

Although we are at hand, we will introduce new products released in November.

First of all it is ★

43 1/24 RN80 HILUX Custom ’95 (Toyota) from 2 ★ TUNEDCAR series .
This is 80 Hilux with the air suspension & dump head gimmick in the chassis, the car height can be changed freely!
Custom parts are bunkers, 2 grilles, 2 types of tail lamps, 2 compressors, safety tanks / air tanks, custom handles, hard tonneau covers etc.
There are also two types of wheels, you can choose your favorite style and assemble!

It may be difficult to understand with this picture alone, but there are plenty of custom parts!

№ 42 1/24 Rodec Style S15 Sylvia ’99 (Nissan)  is an aero of commercialization for a long time since Kay office Silvia of the D1 Grand Prix series released over 10 years ago.
In addition to the Rodec style full aero (front bumper · side step · rear bumper), rear over fender, the bonnet of normal and the aero bonnet used in the D1GP series are also included with GT wing. The euro tail is also attached!
You can also assemble it by choosing your favorite style.

Continued, Time Machine Delorian 3 appeared in the movie “Back to the Future” .
It is easy to assemble unnecessary assembly kit with 1/43 scale (total length about 100 mm).

By the way, the number of parts differs depending on the product, but about 15 parts.
Moreover, it is possible to run in Pull Backspring!


↓ It is the contents of No. 11.

↓ № 11 Back to the Future 1/43 Pullback Derolian Part I

As a dedicated part, a pole attached by Doku in 1955 is attached to introduce the electric power necessary for time slip into the dimension transfer device. 

↓ № 12 Back to the Future 1/43 Pullback Derolian Part II  

As a dedicated part, attached in the future of 2015 “equipment to generate necessary electricity from raw garbage” is included.

※ This product does not fly sky, tires will not move like a photo. 

↓ № 13 Back to the Future 1/43 Pullback Derolian Part III & Railroad 

 As a dedicated part, “Equipment that Doku made on bonnet with parts of the time to supplement broken Japanese-made microchip” is included.



Only this No. 13, the white ribbon tire & wheel which was first attached in movie part III, and the wheel of the locomotive which we put on the track in the latter half and pushed to the steam locomotive There is a wheel, you can choose any one you like.

※ The delorien included in the kit is one car

Both three points are tax excluding 1,000 yen.

So then again next week.


******About TOMCAT PROGRESS******

Hi, All,
Here now is already December in China. We know you all are expecting us to release Tomcat in December. At the moment right now, we can confirm that, we may not be able to reach this goal. We apology for disappointing you all guys!
We had been trying hard to produce faster, but unfortunately, because of various reasons (mainly technical reasons), we are unable to reach the goal to release Tomcat in December.
In the past months, we got lots of questions about Tomcat in Facebook and forums worldwide. We list some words below to answer you questions:
1. We didn’t have enough preorder of 5K pcs.
2. Even so, we had been trying hard to produce faster and hope to release in December. Yes! Mold making is in progress, as you all can see the pictures of Tomcat wing molds.
3. Unfortunately, we (a small and new model company) cannot make it as fast as we expected because of various reasons like, the contents of the kit we designed, existing workload in the factory, difficulties to train suppliers to achieve our quality level, some technical problem and design changes, etc. Some design changes of the assembly of intake doors to control air flow of intake, for example, caused us lots of work. But still, we will change to make sure it is EASY TO BUILD. The 3D pictures is showing the status of the doors to control air flow for subsonic, transsonic and supersonic speed.
4. And still, we will keep our paces as fast we can to release this Tomcat kit as fast as possible.
5. From all the comments all around, we can feel, most of you all modelers, are supporting us and expecting us to make it as good as we can, even it is a bit late.
6. To thank you all for supporting us, we will have a missile set (See next post) release earlier or the same time as Tomcat, and it will be GIFT to those who preordered our Tomcat.

Thank you very much for your support again! And we will try to produce kits as good and easy to build as we can!

1/12scale Fulldetail Kit : Team LOTUS TYPE 99T

December 2017

2017.11.30 New image(s) have been uploaded for viewing.

[Kit Details]


K634●Ver.A : 1987 Rd.4 Monaco GP #12 A.Senna #11 S.Nakajima /1987 Rd.5 U.S.A. GP #11 S.Nakajima

K635●Ver.B : 1987 Rd.5 U.S.A. GP #12 A.Senna / 1987 Rd.7 British GP #11 S.Nakajima #12 A.Senna

K636●Ver.C : 1987 Rd.15 Japanese GP #11 S.Nakajima #12 A.Senna

*(Product is currently still in design phase: release date/price/instructions for construction/build may be altered for official release. / Images based off CG captures may not accurately reflect that of the final product.)







Release in December 2017
K634 K635 K636 1/12scale Fulldetail Kit : Team LOTUS TYPE 99T
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