L7202 “1/72 Israel Air Force F – 15 I Larm” + 1 MORE

F – 15 I Lam is F – 15 E Strike Eagle ‘s Israel Air Force specification. The introduction started in 1994, and as of 2017, 25 aircraft have been deployed.

· 1/72 scale model made by Great Wall Hobby

· Python 4, AIM-120B, AGM-130 various missiles, GBU-12, GBU-31, GBU-38 various induction bombs, AXQ-14 data link pod,
AN / AAQ-13 navigation pod, AN / AAQ-14 sight Pod, 610 gallon tank Included plentiful weapons parts
· Decal included two Israel Air Force No. 691 Squadron No. 241,
Evaluation Test Squadron belonging group
· total length: about 270 mm
· 1 machine entrance
· Box size: 37 × 20 × 6 About 460 g


L4821 “1/48 T-33A Late model of training machine”


Great wall hobby 1/48 scale plastic model

· The T-33A shooting star is a training machine that extended the body of the F-80, which became the first US jet fighter after the war, to form a double seat. It was widely used in Europe, from Latin America, Germany, Italy etc. to South America and Asian countries.

– Added the air scoops of the nose, and reproduces the late model which is different in front, main wheels, etc.
· 2 wing AN / ALE-2 chaff dispensers are included.
· Entering the decal to reproduce the three types of markings of the US Air Force practice squadron.
· Total length: about 24 cm
· 1 machine entered
· The image is assembled and painted.

Box size (cm): 25 × 39 × 7 Weight: about 430 g



Pit Road new products Scheduled to be released in December 2017

W202 “1/700 US Navy Battleship BB-43 Tennessee 1944”

New parts added New product
· Sea / Full hull model selection formula
· One ship entrance · Total length: 272
mm Tennessee equipped with four 35.6 cm triple guns in the main gun, the US Navy Big Five in the same type of California and Colorado class It was called. In the Pearl Harbor attack of 1941, although it was less damaged, it was greatly renovated, compared with the wrecked and solitary iskamen California.
The kit reproduces the refurbished ship’s structure with many new parts such as bridge bridges that have abolished basket masts, renewed bridge bridge, unified chimneys, hulls with added bulge, and anti-aircraft weapons.


M48 “1/700 Russian Navy Missile Cruiser Moscow” (M48)


G47 “1/35 Japanese Navy Ninety-nine Type 25mm Three Tie Gun” (G47)

 Electric powered type (2 types) equipped with Le Preière sight of anti-aircraft gun “Ninety-six formula 25 mm triple unit gun” mounted on many Japanese Navy ships from battleship, aircraft carrier, cruiser, destroyer to auxiliary ship ) Was thoroughly reproduced with a completely new mold.
· 1
total length included: about 74 mm The
picture is a 3D model under development. 

W200 “1/700 Japan Navy Battleship Yamato Last Time”

The Japanese navy’s last battleship, Yamato is reproduced in a completely new mold.
Even today, seeking the truth of Yamato wrapped in many mysteries, I designed and designed the official drawings and materials that are currently available, including the latest survey results. Based on the frame position of the hull shell, all the structures are arranged as precisely as possible up to the porthole, and subtle nuances such as the fold angle and twist of the wall are thoroughly pursued.
Sea / full hull model can be selected · Final hull is closed for portability due to desensitization · Final
hull models for full hull model
· With zero water type observation machine, zero type water pollution aircraft: 1 piece each
· 1 Total entrance length: approx. 376 mm The
picture is a 3D model painted under development and painted assembled prototype. It may differ from the actual product.


S44 “1/700 Maritime Self Defense Force patrol aircraft set (2 P-1, P-3C patrol aircraft each)”

It is a set of old and new patrol aircraft of the P-3C which is the main patrol aircraft of the maritime SDF since the start of operation in the 1980s, and the new domestic turbofan engine patrol aircraft P-1 developed as a successor.
· Completely new mold
· P-1 patrol aircraft (total length: 54.3 mm) × 2 machines
· P-3C patrol aircraft (total length: 50.8 mm) × 2 Machine entries The
photographs are assembled and painted prototypes. It may differ from the actual product.



S45 “1/700 SDF Aircraft Set 1 (X – 2, F – 35A, F – 35B × 4 each, C – 2 × 2)”

It is a set of the latest transport machine C-2 which started operation as a successor to the demonstration machine X-2, the latest fighter next-generation fighter F-35A and the derived STOVL type F-35B, C-1.
· Complete new mold
· X-2 advanced technology demonstration aircraft (total length: 20.2 mm) × 4 machines
· F-35A fighter aircraft (total length: 22.3 mm) × 4 machines
· C-2 transport machine (total length: 62.7 mm ) × 2 machines entered
· F-35B fighter (total length: 22.3 mm) × 4 machines entered
* It is not a SDF machine, but please enjoy fictitious markings etc.
The photograph shows a prototype assembled and painted. It may differ from the actual product.


【Dream model】 1/700 056 TEST – Review and Closer examination ON THE detail and accuracy of the kit … GO AND SEE.

The main piece

Make up A23, two boxes are, the edge has been

cut white after further observation, the degree of deformation of the light and heavy

Weapons, boats and other parts is

Front window and rear window

PE parts



This manufacturer was very interested in investing in this kit very much and not only in a number of parts you can see the great detail of the large and small parts, small parts most often fragile and fragile.
The ship does look small but very quality and gives great value for money
You can see for yourself the accuracy of the parts

highly recommended


Royal Aircraft Factory S.E.5

1916 onwards (S.E.5, S.E.5a, S.E.5b & S.E-5E) by Nick Garton

Once its initial engine teething problems were ironed out, the R.A.F. (Royal Aircraft Factory) S.E.5 (Scout Experimental 5) rapidly rose up the ranks to become one of the best Allied fighters of the First World War.

Another worthy addition to the Haynes Manual family, this edition presents a great mix of historical background combined with some excellent information gleaned from current restored and airworthy machines such as the Shuttleworth Collection’s own S.E.5a, F904. The book benefits from the fact that F904 is the world’s only genuine example from WW1 and even saw operational service with 84 Squadron in November 1918 over Northern France. Air to air shots by Darren Harbar are another added bonus.

The book is broken down into six main chapters, these are: The S.E.5 story, Restore to flight, Anatomy of the S.E.5, The pilot’s view, The owner’s view and The engineer’s view. The appendices cover the S.E.5 in fiction, surviving aircraft and even scale models, which is a bigger list of scales and manufacturers than you might realise.

One of the better aviation manuals I have seen in recent times – highly recommended buy. Thanks very much Max and Ellie at McCann PR and to Haynes for supplying this copy to Military Modelling.


ISBN: 978-0-85733-846-4

Price: £25.00

Pages: 190

Format: hardback – A4

Publisher: J H Haynes & Co. Ltd

Website: www.haynes.co.uk