KA-Models, which sells well-detailed parts for ships, has released another masterpiece, GRAF ZEPPELIN. full test and view on the ship… go look :)

GRAF ZEPPELIN had come to a close before the real thing was completed, so a lot of detail was made with imagination, and KA-Models also made a reasonable deduction to complete the detail.

We will look at this product which makes possible the production of GRAF ZEPPELIN which is more complete because of the importance of detail up parts due to the characteristics of the ship model.

This product boasts a rich composition for the DX Series, the flagship product of KA-MODELS.

It consists of 14 Brass Etching, 2 Color Etching, 166 Turning Parts and Full Wooden Deck.

the kit on the box


Fine mold 1/72 “US Navy F-14A Tomcat” FULL TEST ON for -Detail accuracy and quality.

In the pictures the model looks larger
Gives a very good listed
An impressive and interesting quality kit
Everything is brand new
Available for sale in the middle of the month
Various additions to the aircraft from other manufacturers WILL have come out
market SOON….

Offers great value for money
highly recommended

【Event】 2017 Xi’an autumn model exchange tournament

2017 Xi’an static model autumn exchange tournament hosted by Yanliang Science and Technology Bureau, Yanliang Stadium, Aerospace City Youth Sports Club, warhead model studio, IPMS host. The static model competition is a traditional annual competition held by Yanliang Science and Technology Bureau. This year’s competition has a total of more than 20 entries from more than 20 contestants across the province. Competition was a complete success!
I would like to thank the model of Guangzhou Sogo Pavilion and the sponsor of Wuhan big blue boy model.


[Dodo model] November 2017 new product release

Hello everyone, Dodo model 2017 November new listing! Welcome to a treasure search “Dodo model”, you can see the related product links. Each about 10 stocks, first come first serve. The following three are 1/700 ratio of the resin model, with water paste etching film

70009 Soviet Union World War II gunboat Assault, with KV-2 tanks two
70010 United States Navy victory class catamaran
hydrostatic 70011 Dutch Navy seven provinces Union-level frigate