Imperial Army Medium Tank Overall

It is a sales S that I could not go to Tamiya fair and drank tears.


Anyway, everyone who came to our booth

Thank you very much!


By the way, last weekend we shipped a new tanker of tanksof type 89 ,


with this,,,

All the middle tanks of the Imperial Army are complete!

※ Medium tank is the main tank of the time at the time. There are other light tanks, heavy tanks and others

Although some products are out of production or reproducing and some stocks are missing ,

I think that you can still get it at a model store.



The three medium tanks [Tinu] that first released as medium tanks

It's been released in 1998, so it's been around 20 years.

(I recently renewed it)


Although I said that, although I was a long time ago when sales S entered the company, 

however, the three tanks were the first tanks I made,
(in the story of my school days, until now that most aircraft and ships are ) After
I bought a tank of three formulas, I immediately fell into the car of the Imperial Army,

It became a remote factor to join our company.
It is exactly my decided life crazy work, there are things that are variously emotional.

And, I do not care about my own story. Excuse me. 

The pioneer (now sitting in front of us)
pleasing to note that the fact that we have piled up the fruit and have finally completed one category 
(leaving small variations) is ahead.


However, this is also thanks to everyone who has purchased it.

thank you very much.



Well, I was surprised to have such a joy, I tried making such a thing.

I think that I want to redesign a bit more properly and want to put it out in some way to the world, is there a demand for it? What?


Imperial Army Medium tank list
Eighty-ninth formula Medium Tank Type A New Model Available
Ninety-Seven Formula Middle Tank [Chiha] * Inventory scheduled for January renewal scheduled
1997 Medium tank [New gun tower Jiha] * Stock out January reproduction It will
set Medium tank [Chihe] ※ in the production pause the current over-the-counter stock only
Type 3 Chi-Nu [black sea bream] ※ sale
Type 4 Chi-To [Tito] ※ sale
Type 5 Chi-Ri [Chile] ※ sale