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SW72107 FJ-2Fury


SW72058 SE 2in1


SW72108 FJ-3 Fury


SW72109 FJ-3M Fury

Sword is to release a family of 1/72nd North American FJ-2/3 Fury kits.

Zoukei-mura go to IPMS Nats 2017 in Omaha + new kits + BIG UPDATE

We went to IPMS Nationals in Omaha!! (Part 1)

Hot days aren’t stopping here in Kyoto, but how are you guys doing?
We, Zoukei-mura members went to the US for almost 10 days, from July 21st to 30th , to join the IPMS Nationals held in Omaha, Nebraska.
This time I will show you some pictures. Enjoy!

Here, in 1/32 scale, a finished kit of the Do 335 two-seater type already displayed. Another breathtaking finished model made by the hands of Naoki Kobayashi. Down on the left, a mock-up of Hs 129, and down on the right you can see the fierce 1/32 Ki-45 displayed. On the right edge there is also the mock-up of our 1/32 Fw-190!! (Do 335 two-seater type will be available in November at Scale ModelWorld in Telford, UK.)

Following F-4 J and S, we displayed the finished kit of the C-type and the test shot of the D-type. The day you will finally line up J, S, C and D types is finally coming. (F-4 C will be available in November at Scale ModelWorld in Telford, UK.)

COME TO SEE US ON November 2017 at Scale ModelWorld in Telford, UK

1:18 DMC Huracan hand-building finish model (BabyBlue color) This color was limited for 20 PCS in the world, All model have more high quality. Brand name Auto-Customed model This brand was finish high-end hand building resin model brand. Every car we will cost 15 days to build that. We will add the DMC wide body kits on the model and will add more detail parts. All buiding step all build by model master. We will paint for every car pay more attention. We will have more high detail quality and let every car model well.

3630 Russian 152 mm howitzer MSTA-C Star, 1/35 model build

152-mm howitzer 2S19 Russian “MSTA-C.
Greetings, colleagues. A bit off-schedule release of the rubric, but having received a box (more accurately a cage) ACS C. for this I could not resist, flipped N started the assembly.
Previously, from the dopas there are only photo-etched meshes from the store .. Armata-models In the process, I’ll figure out what else to change
At this stage, while I was engaged only in the hull for the time being, there were no difficulties. I did not like the fastening of the rollers. The axis of the balancer is very short, horizontally flipped N the rollers on them do not hold without glue, which will make it difficult to fit the caterpillars to them. But I think I can manage it.
To be continued



I have some goods news for modelers that look forward to our CASA C.212 in 1/72. The first two versions will be released this year already.


We chose CASA C.212-100 – the standard model will appear under the catalogue number SH72344 (CASA C.212-100) and then there will be a limited edition SH72376 (CASA C.212-100 (“Portuguese Tail art”). For SH72344 we chose three camouflages: the Spanish grey aircraft 72-11, the Chilean aircraft 211 and the ARC 702 used by the Columbian navy. To make sure that all the details and camouflages are perfect, we would like to ask especially South American modelers for help. We need as many pictures, detailed descriptions, markings (for example the names of pilots under the canopy of the Chilean aircraft) and camouflages (especially on the upper side of the wings) as possible. If you have any, please send them to riedel@specialhobby.eu. For those who look forward to other versions of the CASA C.212, the higher versions will be released as well, some of them next year. Thank to all

meng-model TS-031 AND TS-035

Panther was the most excellent German medium tank during WWII. When it was deployed, Germany was greatly weakened. Thanks to its unparalleled performance, it became one of the backbones the Germans could rely on. It was even used by the opponents to the end of the war. Its 7.5 cm KwK 42 L/70 long tank gun could penetrate almost all the armor of its rivals. Its inclined armor provided better protection than the Tiger I. The Maybach HL230 engine could drive the vehicle to run at the high speed of 50km/h. Its wide tracks and interleaved road wheels could turn the uneven earth to a flat ground. The Panther was a perfect response to the requirements of German armor units. Now the Panther has become one of favorite armor kits modellers want.

Ten years later, another Panther Ausf. A plastic model kit is coming. The TS-035 German Medium Tank Sd.Kfz. 171 Panther Ausf. A Late is another kit of famous WWII armor MENG release with the help of The Tank Museum in Bovington, UK and the editor Mr. David Parker of the Meng AFV Modeller magazine. The assembled model is 251.8mm long, 98.6mm wide and 85.27mm high. A total of 1,118 parts are included in the kit. MENG’s team has designed this kit with the experience gained from the previous kits and insisted to bring more fun to different modellers. We believe you will enjoy it!