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October 2017 New product information

Porsche 968 CS

Scale … 1:24
Part number ……… 20317
Our company shipping … October 03, 2017
Release date …… around October 06, 2017
Body price … 3200 yen (+ consumption tax)
Number of parts … 97
Model full length … 179.8 mm
Model full width … 74 mm

Reproduced the Porsche 968’s sports model (1993).
A bucket seat is set in the front seat.
It is a type that was made lightweight by detaching the rear seat and making it a luggage space.
The kit makes the hood a separate part and reproduces the internal engine.
With black felt seals for floor carpets,
Mesh for net reproduction of luggage space is attached.
The molding color of the body is yellow


Kawanishi H8K 1 two large type flying boat 11 type “802 air fleet”

Scale … 1: 72
Part number ……… 02257
Our shipping … 5 October 2017
Release date …… around October 08, 2017
Body price … 8800 yen (+ consumption tax)
Number of parts … 299
Model full length … 407 mm
Model full width … 528 mm

We add new plastics parts and reproduce model 11 (mass production machine).
Arm of the nose is equipped with a 9.2 type 7.7 mm swing machine gun,
The shape and arrangement of the lighting window is also different from 12 type.
“N1-13” is a derrick of a watercraft aircraft carrier Akitsugu
It is the airframe where the pictures being hung are left.
The 14th Naval Air Corps of “W – 47” was renamed the No. 802 Navy Air Corps in November 1942.
Numerous crew figures and a seal for window masking are included in the kit.
The package illustration is handled by Mr. Kazuo Kato.

Additional Plastic Parts
11 nose for 11 type
7.7 mm machine gun
Windshield component for a gun seat

Decal (Marking)
No. 802 Navy Air Corps affiliation machine “N1-13” (1943)
The 14th Navy Air Corps affiliation machine “W-47” (Rabaul: 1942)


F – 117 A Nighthawk “Desert Storm”

Scale … 1: 72
Part number ……… 02256
Our shipping … 5 October 2017
Release date …… around October 08, 2017
Body price … 3000 yen (+ consumption tax)
Number of parts … 74
Model full length … 279 mm
Model full width … 183 mm

I will reproduce F-117A belonging to 37 TFW who participated in Gulf War.
The kit has a state in which the bomb warehouse door is opened and two guided bombs are loaded,
Bomb warehouse The parts configuration that can select the state with the door closed.
“TR 813” is an aircraft that has written numerous mission scores near the cockpit.

Additional Plastic Parts
Bomb warehouse
Guided bomb (GBU – 27) parts

Decal (Marking)
US Air Force 37th Tactical Battle Aircraft Commander Command “37TFW TR 830” (1991)
US Air Force 37th Tactical Battle Civil Aviation Commander Alton Whitley Colonel “37 TFW TR 813”


Nisseki Trust Porsche 962 C “1991 Le Mans”

Scale … 1:24
Part number ……… 20318
Our company shipping … October 11, 2017
Release date …… around October 14, 2017
Body price … 3000 yen (+ consumption tax)
Number of parts … 61
Model full length … 200 mm
Model full width … 83 mm

NEW kit appears in nostalgic C car series!
About 50 minutes remaining after the goal in Le Mans 24 hour race in 1991,
Until that moment I attacked at full throttle,
I will make a pastel green machine kit!

Decal (Marking)
1991 Le Mans 24 Hours Race Car Trust Racing Team Car No. 49


Jaguar XJR-9 IMSA

Scale … 1:24
Part number ……… 20316
Our company shipping … October 11, 2017
Release date …… around October 14, 2017
Body price … 2900 yen (+ consumption tax)
Number of parts … 67
Model full length … 200 mm
Model full width … 83.5 mm

I won the 1988 IMSA · Camel GT series,
Reproduce XJR – 9 of Castrol color.
IMSA (International Motorsports Association)
Established in 1969, it is an American car racing supervising organization.

Decal (Marking)
IMSA – GTP class 1988 Daytona · Sambank 24 hour race entry vehicle
CAR No. 60 (victory) / CAR No. 61 / CAR No. 66 (third place)


Maritime Self Defense Force Escort Ship Kurishima “Hyper Detail”

Scale … 1: 700
Part number ……… 30045
Our shipping … October 17, 2017
Release date …… around October 20, 2017
Body price … 4400 yen (+ consumption tax)
Number of parts … 159
Model full length … 230 mm
Model full width … 30 mm

Following the popular “Kogansu”
“Kirishima” makes hyper detailing!
More than super-detail,
You can enjoy a sense of precision up one rank.

Etched parts
Main mast phased array radar · Hand rubs · Louvers of outer wall · Watertight door parts etc.

Product Specifications
Missile escort ship Kurishima “174” (2016)


SP-2H Neptune “New Patrol Scheme”

Scale … 1: 72
Part number ……… 02258
Our shipping … October 17, 2017
Release date …… around October 20, 2017
Main unit price … 3800 yen (+ consumption tax)
Number of parts … 117
Model full length … 392 mm
Model full width … 410 mm

PHOTO: “Clay Jansson photo via Navarchives Collection”.

The machine, which was originally painted with glossy sea blue or seaplane gray,
To suppress the absorption of sunlight, paint the top of the aircraft “white”
Shift to “Solar Reflecting Painting”
Furthermore, in 1964, the base color is light gal gray
It changed to the last “patrol scheme”.

Decal (Marking)
US Navy’s 30th patrol aircraft belonging machine “LL43”
US Navy 69th patrol aircraft belonging machine “PJ 5”


Kawanishi E 7 K 1 9 No. 1 Waterborne Reconnaissance Machine “Shinsui Mowloader” w / Catapult

Scale … 1: 72
Part number ……… 02255
Our shipping … October 19, 2017
Release date …… around October 22, 2017
Main unit price … 2400 yen (+ consumption tax)
Number of parts … 85
Model full length … 145 mm
Model full width … 194 mm

We will reproduce the Nine Water Fisheries that were mounted on the watercraft mother ship Zenwei (Kayi).
On the vertical tail warp, “5” is the yellow letter that represents the divine machine, and the white number is below it the number is printed.
Before the Pacific War, it was an airframe that was deployed towards the Mainland China.
Kure 2nd injection machine type 5 is attached to the kit.

Decal (Marking)
Seaplane mother ship Shinto mounter “5 11” (China: 1938)
1 other machine


TF-104G Star Fighter “Demonstrator”

Scale … 1:48
Part number ……… 07459
Our shipping … October 19, 2017
Release date …… around October 22, 2017
Main unit price … 3800 yen (+ consumption tax)
Number of parts … 144
Model full length … 367 mm
Model full width … 160 mm

Reproduce the demo color aircraft that Lockheed company used for sales.
Blue marking on Natural Metal aircraft,
Mark the “FREE WORLD DEFENDER” mark on the nose,
I appealed to air force officials from various countries.

Decal (Marking)
Lockheed Company Demonstrators “N104L” / “N90500”

Chibi Maru Kimono · Haruna Retake shipping! About king gidra forming color parts

Hello! It’s Me!A snake


Today Chibumaru 3 Kenji and 7 Haruna’s

Renewal version will be shipped!Glitter

Did you notice it?What?  What?  What?Kyoro


We announced the other day, but our corporate logo has become new!

A logo will be a new package from this product!NEW

There may also be some products whose logo does not change for some time due to material relationship etc.

However, as a new product, it is starting from here!arm.

The side is here↓

Is it because of the product Chibi Maru, Mr. Morimoto is designed

I guess from that, I think that cute is up!Blunderheart


Tiny! Or it looks delicious! And,

It looks like a candy shop! LolGive me the impression

I feel like I’m getting familiar somehow

Personally I am happy ~!Please


Although it seems that you are not used to it yet,

We appreciate your continued support in the future!Dome


Once completed you can do like this!



The new seal is here!New

After all it will be quite realistic when you become this wood deck!Kyoro

Haruana and Kanji who became new by all means! Please try making it for summer vacation!Palm treesolar


My acquaintance says, “Our child is entering the summer vacation

I’m interested in Plamo, so I’d buy nippers ~ ”

I am glad to hear the story called!Blunder

Since the Chibimaru series are all those with history

I think it’s fun to try making it while examining history and historical facts!Moe



I got another test for forming color of King Ghydra yesterday!

I have not got any parts other than face and tail yet

This is supposed to be …sweat

Surely everything will appear in gold next time!


But I tried assembling only the parts that I could not wait!

I always see gray things, so even a little

I am glad when colorful things come …Lol


Because the poly cap of the V part is also gold color

I am glad that the base of the feathers etc. are not noticeable!Moe

I tried writing the eyes with a pen on the remaining golden stickers!

With golden eyes and package like this

It seems that two kinds of eyes with a little red tea come in nearly!



I can truly get a bubble wrap so I

I did not use the nipper on the test shot!


Just as King Georgea can see from that form

Because it is a thornsgea

There are times when thorns are going to stick, so be careful there!sorry

But basically you can take it without putting so much strength!


Although it is unnecessary to use a nipper, it is not that I can not use it

It is OK even if you use Nipper without impossibleWinkOK


If you can make it all in gold with this, it is a masterpiece ~ ~!

While thinking, I … I will play with gray a little more …

Shipped today! Announcement of 3 new products

Hello! IS ME ROCO .

I will introduce NEWnew products shipped today NEW.



Both of the 3 sets, the etching set included.

It helps to make models with higher densityGlitter

It is advantageous than purchasing separatelyOKOK


1/700 FHSPOT 20 Japan Navy Heavy Cruiser Tsukuma Full Hull Model DX

Tsukuma is the second Tone Tankan heavy cruiser, completed in May 1939!

We reduced the number of main turrets by almost the same hull as “the top” type,

Because the entire turret was concentrated on the bow deck and the rear deck was dedicated to the water plane machine,

The number of onboard machines has increased to five.

From the excellent reconnaissance ability, Tsukuma was active as an aircraft carrier of the aircraft carrier riot police since the war.


Not only the main part but also the propeller of the attached shipboard machine (Zero type San drinking water spy) can be reproduced.


In the attached etching parts,

Catapult, crane, hose reel, boat davit, elevator and so on are recorded.


1/700 FHSPOT 23 Japan Navy Heavy Cruisership Atago Full Hull Model DX

Atago of the Kaohsiung Heavy Cruiser,

In 1927 (1927) launched at the Kure Navy Arsenal,

Refurbishment completed in 1964,

From the operation in the south direction until the Battle of Leyte, he was active.


The product is based on the time of the battle off the coast of Leyte in 1949,

It can reproduce the figure equipped with No. 21 electric search, No. 22 electric search, No. 13 electric search.


In the figure that reinforced the main warfare from anti-water fighting to anti-aircraft fighting,

A 25 mm single machine gun is added to the top deck,

On the aft are 25 mm 3 consecutive machine guns and gun seats installed

It is reproduced with special parts.


In the attached etching parts,

Single machine gun pedestal, No. 21 electric search, No. 13 electric search, main turret armor plate pattern etc are recorded.


1/700 FHSPOT 24 Japan Navy Aircraft Carrier Soryu Full Hull Model DX

Aircraft carrier Soryu,

In the early days of the Great War from Pearl Harbor attack to Midway battle

He played an active part in the Task Force.


The product has a motif at the time of the war in 1964,

Although the bridge is installed on the port, unlike Hiryu,

Anti-aircraft weaponry is a 12.7 cm interlocking high-angle cannon of type 89,


On the rear side of the starboard is a rear high-angle cannon of a chimney,

To the three front 25 mm consolidator guns

You can reproduce the characteristic figure with the shield attached with smoke removed.


The ship-

“Zero type ship fighter aircraft, ninety-nine type shipbuilding bomber, ninety-seven type warship attack aircraft” comes with it.


In the attached etching parts,

A blackboard on the side of the bridge, a bridge window frame, an antenna for direction measurement, etc. are recorded.


Affordable set with etched parts

Please get it by all meansNico Nico

1/3000 Showa wrestling port surviving warship set details! ! !

Hello May.

Today is the package of the Kure surviving warship set of Showa 20

I will introduce it as it is readyWhistle


Looking closely the guardian shrine is on the left bridge!

There is also a boat that carries meals for dinner served in the eveningnote

Anti-aft camouflage is also given to the aircraft carrier

Light patrol in the dock, there is no chimney!!

And I am undergoing maintenanceGrin

The design of the series of warships we collect so far remains intact

The war ship diorama is attached to the warship set according to historical facts, and the box size has also become big!

I think that there are also many people who viewed it in one festival

Click here for the finished product

Accompanying ship is unusual to ship model adhesive unnecessary of the snap-fit isGlitter






The manufacturer’s deadline is until August 17th (Thursday)

We recommend you to make a reservation at the shop to ensure that you get it!!love


Shipment start from our company will start sequentially from October 10, but it may be somewhat late depending on the distribution route. Please note.


Well, next time

It was May – (‘▽ `) ノ

Recommended for summer vacation! Time slip in the Yayoi era!

When I live in Shizuoka, I go there by elementary school sightseeing.

Because my grandmother ‘s house was 5 seconds on foot to the Temple of Lake,

I was playing around like a garden!

So today, Introduction of Tabu remainsGlitter


From the Fujimi model, it is a stone’s throw.

It’s fairly wide from the top.


Yamadamichi often, I ate Abe River cake.


It is designated as a special historic site of the country.

It was discovered during construction of the military factory during wartime,

An excavation survey was held in 1954 when the postwar period was over.

It seems to be a settlement about 2000 years ago in the Yayoi periodSurprised

the year of 2000! ! !

It is amazing to know the life at the time.


You can come by bus from Shizuoka station!

Get out at “Temple ruins


Vertical dwellings and high floor warehouses are built in wide parks,

You can take pictures that look like time slipping in the Yayoi era!

In the back of the park, there is the Teru Museum

A museum shop in it

There we are dealing with our “1/100 Temple ruins” plastic model!

Temple of Kanpo is also exhibited!

It is amazing as the roof is reproduced.notenote

Challenge the Plamo after observing the ruins!


The product is like this!

There are not many parts and it is not difficult to assemble.

Assemble and fit the roof type

Even small pieces such as the hearth and pillars inside

It is reproduced ~upGlitter

Put lights etc. in the part of the hearth,

It feels interesting even if I feel the fire is melamella!


Name plate and pedestal are also included

Once painted it will be in the atmosphere!

This size is about this

To freedom of the summer vacation and remembrance of the residence ,,,

The price is affordable.

Speaking of Tabu remains, Mascot character Trove