1/35 Scale Military Miniature Coming Soon

This 1/35 scale assembly kit model depicts the British Army Centurion tank. The Centurion was designed to incorporate the best of the British infantry and cruiser tank concepts, and was an extremely successful vehicle that would serve British forces from its production post-WWII to the 1960s. This Mk.III variant was deployed in the Korean War, Suez Crisis and other conflicts. It packed a significant punch with a 20-pounder gun.


British Anti Tank Gun Archer – Self Propelled

This model assembly kit recreates the British Army’s Archer. As WWII progressed, British troops found that their 2-pounder and 6-pounder guns were being rendered obsolete by German armor, and planners decided to develop a vehicle using the powerful 17-pounder (76.2mm) gun. The vehicle chosen to mount the gun on was the Valentine; the turret was removed and replaced with a fighting compartment – this would be known as the Archer. Interestingly, as there was little time to re-organize the cramped layout, the 17-pounder had to be mounted pointing rearwards to fit it in. As a result, the Archer moved and fired in opposite directions. However, it offered strong performance and served with British and Commonwealth units from October 1944 till the end of WWII. The British continued using it until the early 1950s.

1/48 Scale Military Miniatures Coming Soon

M1A2 Abrams

This small-scale Military Miniature series model assembly kit recreates the formidable modern U.S. Main Battle Tank M1A2 Abrams.

The Abrams has been around since the early 1980s, with constant upgrades to ensure that it stays at the cutting edge of military technology. M1A2s were introduced from 1992, developed to be chock-full of front-line technology and bring the M1 into the digital age. They featured depleted uranium armor, a modified commander’s cupola, and more, and saw action in the conflict in Iraq in 2003.



German Heavy Tractor SS-100


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BMW M6 GT3 2016 Total 24 Hours of Spa Winner + detailing up parts for winer PRE ORDER

  • Model: PN 24001

Product features


2016 All Japan Model Hobby Show New product

Scheduled to be released in September 2017

We are sorry to inform you that the release schedule will be delayed significantly than originally announced

Plastic model kit

CODE: 4545782035490

About BMW M6 GT3

In 2016 at the spa 24 hour race in 2016, the overall victory was decided by Love Racing car No. 99, BMWM 6 GT 3.
Developed for the GT 3 race in the 2016 season, the M6GT 3 is equipped with a 4.4 liter V 8 cylinder turbo engine.
He is active in the world GT race.
In the sports 24 hour race in 2016, in a difficult condition where heavy rain fell, we won the championship with three drivers of A · Simms, P · Eng, M · Martin.

About the model

The model is a plastic model assembly kit which reproduced the BMWM 6 GT 3 of the spa 24 hour race champion car of 2016, Love · Racing on 1/24 scale.
From the powerful style to the mechanical cockpit with a total finished length of about 206 mm and the full width of about 85 mm, it is realistically reproduced.
Body expresses flowing coupe style plenty of realistic shape of bulging of front and rear over fender.
The bonnet air outlet is also reproduced in one piece, and it is a three-dimensional finish with front grill, rear panel, rear wing and so on of other parts.
Of course, auxiliary lights at the front are reproduced firmly with different parts, and the harshness of the 24-hour race is also transmitted.
In addition, the cockpit is modeled finely to the seat cage, the dash panel, the equipment installed on the floor, plus the rolled cage and the door lining.
You will be able to enjoy the unique power of the racing machine.
In addition to the No. 99 car of the Rove · Racing of the 2016 spa 24 hour race championship car, marking of the 98th car of the teammate is also prepared.
Body stripes and of course are also expressed in decals.
The power of popular GT 3 machine is pleasant, it is one that can not be overlooked by race fans. Please also use dedicated detail up parts (NE 24001)
to enhance finished detail .

Major features

  • 2016 spa 24 hour race winning car BMWM 6 GT 3 reproduced with completely new mold
  • Realistic reproduction from powerful style to mechanical cockpit
  • Bonnet’s air outlet is reproduced together
  • Front auxiliary light etc. firmly reproduced with different parts
  • The cockpit is also modeled finely up to the seat cage, the dash panel, the equipment installed on the floor plus the roll cage stretched and the door lining
  • The marking is the 2016 spa 24 hour race championship car, the Loeve Racing No. 99 car, as well as the teammate’s No. 98 car mark



Platts 1/24 racing series BMW M 6 GT 3 2016 Spa 24-hour race detailing up parts for winer

  • Model: NE 24001

Product features


Scheduled for release in Sept

Code: 4545782041729
Detail up

1/24 racing series BMWM 6 GT 3 Spa This is a set of detail up parts corresponding to the 24 hour race winner (PN 24001) .
This set includes a carbon pattern decal that finishes parts of the body made of carbon more realistically, and also contains etched parts to make the detail of the kit more sharp.
In addition, a connector made of metallic saucer valves and antennas, textured real fabric cloth seat belts are also set.
BMW’s M6GT 3 was developed for FIA’s GT 3 race gathering worldwide popularity and won the championship at 2016 spa 24 hour endurance race.
Carbon material is used for each part, such as chassis, body, cockpit, etc. only for the latest racing car.
In this decal set, a decal reproducing the carbon pattern of each part is included. Dividing the shape finely according to each pasting place.
It is designed considering pastability.
Of course, instructions that explain the pasting position are also set.
The expression of the carbon pattern promises a slightly different finish than painting black.
It is a detail up item that can not be used for the latest racing machine.
Etched parts are prepared from front and rear brake discs and radiator surfaces, front air dam fin, rear wing wing end plate and wing stay, etc. to tighten the appearance gently.
In addition, safety net and seat belt metal fittings that protect the driver also in cockpit are reproduced with etching parts.
Sharpness unique to etching enhances the finished detail.
1/24 racing series BMWM 6 GT 3 spa 24 hour race winner (PN 24001) together with the kit is recommended.

Major features


  • Parts set that can upgrade the kit of BMWM 6 GT 3
  • Decal of carbon pattern which finishes various parts of car body made of carbon more realistically
  • Etched parts to make details sharper
  • Metal scraper connector valve and antenna set as well
  • Realistic cloth seat belt with texture as well
  • Instructions that explain the pasting position and installation etc are also set