Academy September 2017 THE NEW KITS

Item #: 14224
Description:   USS Enterprise CV-6 Modeler’s Edition

Scale: 1/700
Brand: MRC-Academy
Retail Price: $49.00
Availability: Now
Details: 100% NEW TOOLING! WWII US Navy Aircraft Carrier with WWII aircraft: F4F Wildcat, SBD Dauntless, TBD Devastator, photo etched radar, ladders, railings, and masking seal, display stand.  Assemble with full hull or as water line model.

Item #: 13505
Description:   T-34/76 No.183 Factory Production

Scale: 1/35
Brand: MRC-Academy
Retail Price: $49.00
Availability: Now

Item #: 12550
Description:   F-15E 33rd Fighter Squadron USAF

Scale: 1/72
Brand: MRC-Academy
Retail Price: $37.00
Availability: Now
Details: 100% NEW TOOLING! Cockpit w/embossed instrument & side panels, ejector seat, control stick & clear sight reticle, Conformal fuel tanks under wing roots, 2 medium range AIM-120 air-to-air missiles, 2 AIM-9 short range air-to-air missiles, 12 GUB-38s, Cartograf decal, 2 drop tanks, bomb racks & pylons, engine nozzle w/clearly defined “turkey feathers”, optional positioning of air intake ramps.

Item #: 13511
Description:   ROK Army K2 BLACK PANTHER

Scale: 1/35
Brand: MRC-Academy
Retail Price: $65.00
Availability: September
Details: 100% NEW TOOLING! ROK newest main battle tank.  Accurately reproduced 55 caliber L/55 120mm main gun & K6 machine gun, photo etched parts, Polorized Light Sticker, connected track, assemble w or w/o explosive reactive armor.

Item #: 13509
Description:   German Tiger I-Ver. EARLY “Operation Citadel”
Scale: 1/35
Brand: MRC-Academy
Retail Price: $52.00
Availability: September
Details:  Decal Variation, WWII German army early version Tiger tank, newly tooled asymmetrical turret, 8.8cm main gun and mantlet, connected tracks, photo-etched parts.

Item #: 12618
Description:   USAF B-47

Scale: 1/144
Brand: MRC-Academy
Retail Price: $27.00
Availability: September
Details:  Decal Variation. Cold War era, US Air Force nuclear bomber, can be assembled as B-47 or RB-47, detailed panel lines, Cartograf decals, choice of ELEVEN markings:

  • B-47B, 51-2336, 320 BW, March AFB, 1959
  • B-47B, 51-2307, 320 BW, March AFB, 1959
  • B-47B, 51-2231, 320 BW, March AFB, 1959
  • RB-47H, 53-34291, 55 SRW Det 2, Yokota AB, 1965
  • RB-47H, 53-4280, 55 SRW Det 1, RAF Upper Heyford, 1967
  • B-47E, 51-7071, 22 BW, 1954
  • B-47E, 51-7062, 22 BW, 1954
  • B-47E, 51-7055, 22 BW, 1954
  • B-47B, 51-2324, 305 BW, MacDill AFB, 1954
  • B-47B, 51-2212, 306 BW, MacDill AFB, early 1950s
  • B-47B, 50-0042, 305 BW, MacDill AFB, 1953

Item #: 12551
Description:   AH-64D Block II “Late Version” US Army

Scale: 1/ 72
Brand: MRC-Academy
Retail Price: $33.00
Availability: September

Coming soon – FR8002 IAR-80A 1/32

We will soon release a new kit in 1/32 nd scale, this is the IAR 80A. Expected release date : September 2017

You may build the IAR-80A, serie 106 to 150 and 176 to 180. Compared to the IAR-81C, this new version shows some external differences, mostly:

  • Shorter wings (480 mm)
  • Shorter fuselage (70 mm)
  • Only one oil cooler at the root of right wing (on left wing, it was introduced with aircraft Nr 251)
  • Armament: 6 x 7,92 mm FN machine guns, the wings panels on top and bottom of wings were modified
  • No struts (introduced for the dive bomber version, the IAR-81)
  • AND the camouflage schema was initially the old one, using british paints (brown / green on top, blue on bottom).
  • BUT: starting with aircraft Nr 95, the strenghtening of fuselage applied to frame 5 externally was moved internally. We will propose only the late version (similar on that point to the IAR-81c)

We will straighten some mistakes of the previous kit (the wheel covers, for example, were too small for the wells). We will keep you updated on the project and will soon publish the schemes we choose.

We will propose at least the decals for:

  • Nr112 with 53 Sqn crest (Riding Mickey Mouse)
  • Nr131 “Felicia” with 47 Sqn crest
  • Nr134 “Mamy”, 47 Sqn
  • Nr150 Anghel (box art), 47 Sqn

Michael’s cross and roundels will be provided.

Development, parts:
3D view of additionnal parts (only the parts dedicated to IAR-80A version will be included in the box)

Resin parts for IAR-80A:

During the early 1930’s the Rumanian Air Force adopted the Polish PZL P.11 and similar P.24, both being considered modern designs at the time. These PZL designs were produced under licence by Industria Aeronautica Romana (IAR). By the mid to late 1930’s it was clear that war clouds were looming, and that both the P.11 and P.24 were already nearing obsolescence. In 1937 IAR undertook the design of more modern all-metal, low-wing design featuring retractable undercarriage, but retaining much of the P.24’s rear fuselage structure. This was named the IAR-80, and was to be powered by a German Junkers Jumo engine. Never delivered, the Jumo was replaced by the IAR 14K-IIc32 fourteen-cylinder, double-row radial, delivering 870-hp. Maiden flight occurred on 4 th of April, 1939. The new fighter had performance approaching that of contemporary foreign designs like the Hurricane, P-36, MS 406 and BF 109D.

Various changes to weapons led to the IAR-80A, B and C sub-versions, and also the IAR-81C which was designed for fighter-bomber role during spring of 1941, although it served in both air interceptor and ground attack roles.  The IAR-80A was produced in four different batches (51 to 75, 76 to 90, 106 to 150 and 176 to 180). Total production for IAR-80/81 series totalled around 450 units (90 for IAR-80A), but ceased after the American bombing of Brasov factory, on April 16th, 1944.

Fifty IAR-80’s were in service during the attack against Soviet Union, on June 22nd, 1941. 6th Group (61st and 62nd squadrons) and 8th Group (41st and 60th Squadrons) were engaged around Stalingrad front during the autumn of 1942. August 1st, 1943 saw IAR-80 & 81’s defending the Ploiesti oil plants from attack by USAAF B-24 Liberators, during ‘Operation Tidal Wave’, when the Rumanian fighters downed some of the heavy bombers. After removal from front, IAR-80As were transferred to fighter schools or were upgraded to IAR-80M standard (with Mauser cannon).

Rumania joined the Allied powers in August 1944, and changed back the national insignia worn by its aircraft from crosses to traditional blue, yellow and red roundels.

IAR-80A specifications: single engine low wing monoplane fighter with retractable landing gear. Engine: one IAR K14, 14 cylinder double-row air-cooled radial delivering 870-hp. Wingspan: 10,52 m, length: 8,90 m, wing area: 16 m2. Operational ceiling 10,500 m, maximum speed at 5,000 m: 485 kmh. Weapons: 6 x 7,92 mm FN-Browning machine guns.

Some references:

  • Rumanian Air Force, the prime decade, 1938-1947, Denes Bernad, Squadron/Signal Publications
  • IAR 80, Dan Antoniu and Georges Cicos, Editions TMA (in french), technical descriptions,  history of usage on easter front, then with Allied Powers
  • Rumanian Aces of World War II, Denes Bernad, Osprey Publishing
  • Air Magazine n°40, Jan/ Feb. 2008,  american raid over Ploiesti with Lightnings, 10/VI/1944, Dan Melinte (in french). Part of this event is captured in the original IAR-81C FRROM box-art.
  • Rumanian Fighter Colours 1941 – 1945, Teodor Liviu Morosanu, Dan Alexandru Melinte, MMP books
  • The I.A.R 80 & I.A.R. 81, Airframe, Systems & Equipment, Radu Brinzan, SAM Publications
  • Vânâtor Romanian Hunter, The I.A.R.80 and I.A.R.81 in ultimate detail, Radu Brinzan, Stratus / MMP books (includes a lot of technical drawings, description of equipment, weaponry … in ultimate detail)

Highlight products display from each model kit company at the Shanghai Summer Scale Model Open Competition.


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