NOW AVAILABLE – August 15, 2017

Su-27 ‘Guardians of the North’ Update (13x Arctic Su-27P, 3x Arctic Su-27UB + bonus Su-27P ‘Belbek Scheme’. All decal elements, including special nose art sized for Hobby Boss Su-27 kits.14-page instruction booklet) $21.99

Su-27 airframe stencils update (Recommended for LHD 48040. Resized for Hobby Boss Su-27 kits) $12.99

LHD 48041: Red Stars for Russian/Soviet Su-27s & MiG-29s, 1980s to 2017 (enables modeler to use extra decal options from LHD’s 1/48 Su-27 and MiG-29 sets) $7.00

Stunning! SH72373 Fouga CM.170 Magister “Finnish, German and Austrian Service” boxART.

Standa Hajek, our long-time artist has finished his latest masterpiece, the boxart for our forthcoming 1/72 Fouga Magister kit with decal options for a Finnish, German and Austrian machine. This painting that we are very happy to be able to share with you today is a true gem and it really is a pity that you can admire only the scanned image of Standa’s artwork. The original painting is even better, one is tempted to describe it as more amazing than any real Fouga that ever flew in the skies.


The wing bays in the new Fw 190A series will be closed. With our Brassin set though, it can be opened up. In this picture, you can see several stages of the casting development, including the post-processing of the 3D prints, such as removal of fine visible layer lines. This is demanding and diligent work. It is not as easy as it is occasionally presented in documentary films about mankind’s future, where we can easily print everything on 3D printers