Shipment today New products – Yukikaze DX, Akizuki DX ~

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It’s Chibi Mow! (`· Д · ‘)


Today I will show you new products <(`· ω · ‘) Bisshi!


1/700 FHSPOT 21 Japan Navy Destroyer Yukikaze Full Hull Model DX

To two sets of full hull model of snowy wind and ur wind

It is a set with dedicated etching parts. (· ∀ ·) ゞ

Yukikaze was completed in Sasebo Arsenal in January 1940 (1940)

After commissioning it was assigned to the 2nd Torpedo Squadron of the finest!

Afterwards I participated in numerous battle battle as an aircraft carrier of the aircraft carrier Troops ∠ (· `_ ‘·)


Uraiwa was completed at the Fuji Nagata Shipbuilding Company in December 1940!

At the time of the war, I participated in the Hawaii air raid strategy (__ ^ ¯ __ ___ Keirei !!

Even then, the Midway strategy, the opening of the South Pacific, the naval battle off Mariana,

It was active as an aircraft carrier of the aircraft carrier in the battle of Leyte!


To the decal, the identification mark next to the 1945 snowy wind, Iso style, beach wind chimney

It is recording it (· · ω ·) ゞ


【Included Etching Parts Increasing Accuracy】

Handrail, No.13 electricity search, Skit beam, Strip pattern of extension machine gun seat, Boat davit,

Bridge bridge window, a direction detector, an explosion loading stand etc are recorded / ((∀ ‘*


1/700 FHSPOT 22 Japan Navy Destroyer Akizuki Full Hull Model DX

Furuharu model of Akizuki type first destroyer ‘s first ship Akizuki

It is a great deals with dedicated etching parts (`· ω · ‘) ゞ

Akizuki visited the Maizuru Arsenal on July 30, 1940 (1940)

It was launched as an air defense directive ship that protects aircraft carriers from enemy aircraft (≧ д ≦)

It is reproducing four units (Hachimon) of the six-port caliber 90 centimeter style 10 centimeter consecutive high-angle cannon (long 10 centimeter consecutive high-angle cannon) designed for anti-aircraft combat different from other destroyers · ·)


【Included Etching Parts Increasing Accuracy】

Ladder and chimney top, hose reel, bridge window frame, boat davit,

It is recording the cutter all, etc.!


[Metal barrel is attached! More realistic;

16 brass metal barrels are attached. (゜ ◇ ゜) ゞ


I am more than I am (`· △ · ‘) ゞ

【TerminMolds】 【TIGER-MODEL】 Q machine pilot

After a round of sea election, will be played by the lovely Cocker Pond Flying Tigers role, the following grand to introduce our ace pilots LT.Douglas!
Sincerely thank @ TIG ER_MODEL outstanding egg design so that our designers have inspiration Develop such a lovely poker doll! Will be designed by @TIG ER_MODEL P40 special water paste, please pay attention!
Thanks T-model pilots! Fine sculpture, lovely shape! perfect match! Please look forward!

1/35 MIM-104C Patriot Surface-to-Air Missile (SAM) System (PAC-2) – “Black Label Series”


EAN-13 BARCODE: 0089195836045
SCALE: 1:35
ANNOUNCED ON: 8/14/2017
EST ARRIVAL: October 2017







Dragon’s Black Label series has previously released 1/35 scale kits of the well-known American Patriot PAC-1 and PAC-3 air defense systems. Now, the family has been completed with the release of the Patriot PAC-2 as used by the US Army and a number of other militaries around the world. The MIM-104C missile introduced with the PAC-2 was designed specifically for the interception of ballistic missiles rather than as a purely surface-to-air missile system. The PAC-2 reached US Army units in 1990 in time for deployment in the first Gulf War, and they continue to be used by many militaries. Like Black Label’s preceding kits of the Patriot air defense system, this latest one is just as impressive as it features the M901 Launching Station based on an M860 semi-trailer. Brand new for this release is a newly tooled launcher generator set suitable for this particular Patriot version. Detail is sharply molded and all parts of the system are fully represented. Thanks to the Patriot PAC-2’s adoption by multiple countries, modelers also have a wide choice of finishes for this impressive plastic kit.

1/35 M1120 Terminal High Altitude Area Defense Missile Launcher – “Black Label Series”

The innovative Black Label series from Dragon features a stunning new
1/35 scale kit of the THAAD missile launcher, a centerpiece of the THAAD system. THAAD targets short-, medium- and intermediate-range ballistic missiles in their terminal phase. Relying on kinetic energy, the 900kg THAAD interceptor uses a hit-to-kill approach rather than an explosive-filled warhead. The M1120 emanates from the well-known HEMTT truck series built by the Oshkosh Corporation. The 8×8 launcher, powered by a 450hp Detroit Diesel 8V92TA engine, boasts eight missiles.

Never before has this THAAD launcher been available as a plastic kit in 1/35 scale, so this is clearly an ambitious addition to Black Label’s range. Given the topical nature of the THAAD missile defense system, as well as the extreme quality of this new item, this will be an extremely hot kit. The missile canisters and launcher mechanism mounted are finely detailed. An ability to elevate and rotate the launcher allows modelers to pose the vehicle exactly as they wish. Indeed, the outriggers can also be deployed for a launch vignette. Furthermore, the eight tubular missile canisters are made of metal for maximum realism. This is a simply stunning subject in Dragon’s popular Black Label series, and sales of this impressive-looking kit are expected to simply go ballistic!

EAN-13 BARCODE: 0089195836052
SCALE: 1:35
ANNOUNCED ON: 8/14/2017
EST ARRIVAL: October 2017

1/35 Sd.Kfz.252 Leichter Bef.Wagen


The Sd.Kfz.252 was a lightly armored ammunition carrier that accompanied Sturmartillerie batteries. From June 1940 through to September 1941, a total of 413 Sd.Kfz.252s were built, though, a small number of these Sd.Kfz.252s were later adapted to the command vehicle role. The Sd.Kfz.252 Leichter Bef.Wagen version is easily identified externally by the presence of a star antenna on the right side of the vehicle. It is precisely this variant that is represented in Dragon’s newest kit. The star antenna and a new antenna mount are present, while the halftrack interior has been completely revamped. All the ammunition racks have been stripped out of the vehicle interior, and a radio set and bench seat have been fitted in their place. As a member of Dragon’s updated 250 Alte series, the kit naturally features a one-piece upper hull and a one-piece chassis. Convenient and easy-to-fit Magic Tracks are supplied too. The Sd.Kfz.252 Leichter Bef.Wagen was a rare vehicle, so this splendid 1/35 scale kit allows modelers to create something different.

EAN-13 BARCODE: 0089195865717
SCALE: 1:35
ANNOUNCED ON: 8/14/2017
EST ARRIVAL: October 2017