NEW FROM trumpeter-china 450 Engineering Medium Tank 09580

product description:

      The 450 project is an attempt by Morozov to envision future tank design. As the chief designer of the T-64 tank, he is writing about his forward-looking concepts for the development of new tanks. In his diary, he described this The tank is called NST-74, 450 Project or T-74.

      The development of the car began in the early 1970s, under the responsibility of the Kharkiv Design Bureau. As the NST-74 (new medium tank-74), its design concept was too advanced to the extent that the Soviet Union’s industrial capabilities at that time This tank was put into production in the 1970s. The design of the T-74 was found to have many shortcomings since 1972. In 1973, the design concept was further improved, and it had a more ideal gunner position than when it was designed in 1972 (and further improvements were made in 1974). Other improvements include gun installation position, ammunition storage, fire control bus, and crew position. If this new tank goes into production, it will surpass the new Leopard and XM-801 tanks.

Product number                   09580

product name       450 engineering medium tank

Bar code                  9580208095806

Product ratio          1:35

product type          Plastic Model Armor Kit

Model size              Length: 262.5mm Width: 79.9mm 

Total number of parts        200+

Metal parts             copper cable

Etched parts           1 piece

Film            n/a

Resin parts              n/a

Total number of offsets     7 sprues, lower hull and upper hull

Announced date                  2020-11

More description                 The kit consists of over 200 parts

>the kit w/refined detail

>multi-slide moulded lower hull and turret

>plastic tracks w/fine detail