Hello everyone, We bring the compact series (cute / Q / cartoon version) release,There are three model kits Products:

1.Item NO:162035 UH-60M Black HAWK US ARMY Ver
2.Item NO:162037 MH-60R Seahawk HSM-77 Saberhawks
3.Item NO:162715 MIG21F/SM/BIS and MIG-21UM Russia AF ,(include 2 Full Kits)
If you are interested in compact series (cute / Q / cartoon version)of Freedom Model KIts, you can ask your local agent or distributor,Our distribution information is as follows:
Distributors will be available in December 2020 !Coming soon ! hope you like it, be well. Thank You!

Let me first announce the progress of the previous Tiger Tank modification, due to the guidance of some experts. We made a round of revisions from 3D drawings to molds, and tried our best to provide players with a relatively accurate TIGER I. This time we mainly revised various Kursk battles. During the battle of Kursk, the 505 Battalion And the tiger style of Battalion 503. Three kinds of storage boxes have been modified and restored based on the latest historical photos:

Next is the modification of some parts

Finally, the shape of the gun shield of the 111th car of the 505 Heavy Armor Battalion in the Battle of Kursk was corrected.

Also corrected is the position of the driver’s observation window.