Lately there is noticeable activity in 1/48. And to reward this we made new set in that scale:) Please enjoy: Commander cupola for Pz.III/IV, type 1 it is available here…/1-48-commander-cupola-for-pz-…
Each set contain 3 cupolas. These was used on Pz.IV ausf. E/F and Pz.III ausf.G(late)/H/J/L/M/N
the last image is comparison with the similar set in 1/72

Pz.KV-4 TKT(r). Season 1 episode 2 “Good Times with Weapons” . For my disappointment the 128 mm gun can’t fit in that tank, even the 105 mm barely fit and if the “what if” was “when” using 150 mm shell in the 107 mm gun was more like….you will ask how they are going to use 105mm shells in 107 mm gun? Well on rifled guns they way caliber is measured differ in different countries, some measure it over the grooves, some between, German did it the “wrong way”, so it is possible. But from modeling point of view the model will look better if we change the gun:) So it will be 105 mm, I will see how far forward I can place it so there will be room behind for the loaders. I also check the Pz.IV turret, first it look ridiculous, then there is no space for it, may be in phase II if the engine is replaced as unit and I change the place of the radiator then the turret ring can go back on their place, then there will be enough place. But since this turret’s main purpose it to give the commander better place to work, and secondary as weapon station I play with the idea to use something lithe the turret from Pz.I F, it is small enough, well armored and the armament is perfect for defense. Or VK.1602, also good candidate, it must be good for observation, but lack armor. the third roll of bins do not affect the gun arc, so it will stay there, as the tool 15t jack will fit better the timeline, but may be I will put 20t, after all this vehicle is very heavy. BTW it appear that another KV-4 is even better candidate for this treatment, for now I play with the idea (and available parts), but If Pz.Kv-4 TKT(r) is successful, we will do another one.