AF35330 M109G 155mm / L23 Self-Propelled Howitzer

Two new type of commander's cupola with German 7.62mm machine gun.
■ New metal howitzer cannon M126A1 155 mm barrel with rifling.
■ Howitzer cannon M126A1 could movable pitch angle.
■ Movable hatches(display as closed or open).
■ Howitzer cannon M126A1 travelling lock.
■ A new German type muzzle brake.
■ A new German smoke discharger array.
■ New injection molding rubberd Diehl track.
■ West German decal.
■ G3 series rifle set.

75MM V75004 Austro-Hungarian Hussar Officer WW I VOL.I (k.u.k. Husarenregiment „Graf Nádasdy“ Nr. 9)

The first copy is finally casted! Boxart is still in progress but here is a small teaser:
The figure will include head with a Shako of the famous Nr.9 regiment from the battle of Limanowa-Lapanów and also a head with a kommode shako. Changing the colour of the kommode shako allows the modeler to paint this Oberleutnant to a member of any from 1-16 K.U.K Hussar regiment or 1-10 K.U. Honvéd Hussar regiment.
A dedicated painting guide for download to explain the differences of uniform and shako colours will come by VICE soon