New line of models in Kovozávody Prostějov – Airliners 1/250

I am sure that every older kit builder can remember little airliner kits produced by German company SIKU and by Dubena in Czech Republic. Thanks to the lack of kits in Eastern Europe in these days we used that kits as a base for various conversions, minimally one of example of the line was present in every kit collection. There were some discussions according to scale, all that kit were reproduced in 1/250 scale.
All that SIKU/Dubena kits are collectors items today. I had the plan to release all that "plastic pins" to the market again. I realised that I missed the boat after a short investigation – all moulds were scrapped in the nineties.
But I never left the idea and took the decision to do it. Just another try… And – the first two moulds prepared in 3D and CAD/CAM environments are at finishing stages now and the fresh new KP line – "Airliners 1/250" was born. Couple of the new line starters are beautiful SAABs – SF-340 and S-2000 which you can meet in many interesting liveries worldwide., including Czech and Slovak ones. You can wait for Air France, Sabena and many more. The first two boxes will be prepared in Swedish style – aircraft of ComAir and in company livery.
The scale brings the simplicity of the kits, they will contain only a few parts. All livery elements, windows and doors will be present in the form of decals. Another interesting types are in the progress, stay tuned for the information.
I hope that this line of simple but interesting kits will catch the attention of kit builders and collectors. They will get the chance to make the line of Dubena kits more wide. The first kits will come in October 2020.


1/35 AF35S93 PAC-3 PATRIOT

M901 Launching Station and MIM-104F Patriot

PAC-3 R.O.C (Taiwan) Air force and U.S Army version

■ Including one 1/35 MIM-104F missile model.
■ Including 4 sets resin pipeline.
■ High precision M860 semi-trailers detail.
■ Precision PE part of M860 semi-trailers.
■ Brand new PE part of M901 launcher system.
■ New modeled finely data link terminal module.
■ New PAC-3 decal and painting of ROCAF and US Army.