WE WORKING FOR PLATZ 1/24 PN24004 AUDI R8 LMS GT3 SPA 24 HOURS '15 Preparation coloring the car and Unboxing THE KIT FOR FULL REVIEW

Unboxing THE KIT

The exterior packaging of the kit is very well invested with a number of pictures on the side of the box and very useful for painting the vehicle itself and also for the choice of quality colors and safety warnings that you should read before assembling the kit, the graphic image of the vehicle is large and very beautiful.
And very detailed and very real, the box itself is big and strong, you can use the picture of the vehicle for preparation
For coloring and it is possible to choose two different colors for the car
The first option is body paint composition silver color or silver leaf color
And the second option is the body color of the vehicle a bright red color

Preparation coloring the car

The first step in preparing the car body for painting is to cover areas that do not require painting.
It is advisable to use a sharp knife or scissors with extreme care, a tape measure is required to take dimensions for cut masking tape pieces painting the body of the vehicle and paste pieces of the masking tape on the body of the vehicle
Before gluing the masking tape pieces, it is advisable to thoroughly clean the body of the vehicle

After gluing the masking tape pieces to the car body, it is advisable to Carpet masking tape pieces tape with a cotton swab. It is advisable to keep a straight and uniform tape of the masking tape pieces to the body.
So as not to create bubbles in the masking tape pieces



I would like to say big thank to platz-hobby who sent me the 1/24 PN24004 AUDI R8 LMS GT3 SPA 24 HOURS '15 sample kit For full review