hasegawa July 2020 New product FULL information

Plastic model
Limited edition
Add etching
UH-60J (SP) Rescue Hawk “Chitose Rescue Team 60th Anniversary”

Scale … 1:72
part number ……… 02339 Our shipping date … July 01, 2020 Release date …… Around July 04, 2020 Body price … 3600 yen (+ consumption tax) Number of parts … 114 Model full length … 225.5mm Model full width … 228mm

Reproduce the special painting machine commemorating the 60th anniversary of the Chitose rescue squad unit!

Etching parts
Antenna parts

Decal (marking)
JASDF Chitose Rescue Team 60th Anniversary Painter “580” (Chitose Base: August 2019)

Plastic model
Limited edition
With figure
Focke-Wulf Fw190A-4 “Graaf” w / Figure

Scale … 1:48
part number ……… 07492 our company shipping … July 01, 2020 release date …… around July 04, 2020 Body price … 3700 yen (+ consumption tax) number of parts … 93 model full length … 184mm model full width … 218mm

A super ace with 212 final shots, the aircraft of Major Hermann Graf is reproduced.
Graf figures of the same scale are included!
The original figure is handled by Ichiro Take.

Resin parts
Major Hermann Graf figure

Decal (marking)
Eastern Combat Training Squadron Squadron Commander Major Hermann Graf Ride "634" (France: Summer 1943)

Plastic model
new product
"The First Solomon Naval Battle Set (Naval Battle Package)"

Scale … 1: 700
part number ……… A66 shipping our company … Released on July 03, 2020 …… around July 08, 2020 Body price … 11800 yen (+ consumption tax)

A set of five ships (Aoba, Kotaka, Kinugasa, Kako, Tenryu) that comprised the mainstay of the Japanese Navy participating in the first battle of Solomon (August 8-9, 1942). A special acrylic nameplate is included!

Plastic model
Limited edition
New decal
Kawanishi H6K5 Type 97 Large Flying Boat Type 23 "Takuma Air Corps"


Scale … 1:72
part number ……… 02338 Our shipping … Release date July 03, 2020 …… Around July 08, 2020 Body price … 3600 yen (+ consumption tax)

Reproduces the Type 97 large flying boat 23 deployed as a training flying boat in the Takuma Air Corps.

The Takuma Air Squadron was
launched in June 1943 as a practical training air squadron that was in charge of practical aircraft training for seaplanes and flying boats . This machine is not equipped with a spinner.

Decal (marking)

Takuma Navy Air Corps aircraft

" Taku-62 "
" Taku-63 "

Plastic model
Limited edition
EA-18G Growler “VAQ-135 Black Ravens 50th Anniversary”

Scale … 1:72
part number ……… 02351 Our shipping … July 06, 2020 Release date …… Around July 09, 2020 Body price … 3400 yen (+ consumption tax)

VAQ-135 Black Ravens 50th Anniversary Coating Machine Reproduced!

Decal (marking)

US Navy 135th Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron “Black Ravens”
50th Anniversary Painting Machine CAG Machine “NL520” (2019)

Material for model
Polarized finish cobalt blue to yellow

Part number ……… TF901 shipping … July 08, 2020 Release date …… Around July 11, 2020 Body price … 1200 yen (+ consumption tax)

Polarizing sheets are special films that have the ability to transmit only light in a specific direction.
The color changes depending on how the light hits, the viewing angle, and the brightness and shadow of the construction surface!
"Reflection expression" that is impossible with painting is possible.
It shines "Cobalt Blue" when the surface is dark, and "Yellow" when it is bright.
Ideal for expressing solar battery paddles that power the International Space Station and the Hubble Space Telescope! It is effective to use it for
headlight covers of racing machines, camera eyes and sensors for character models,
eyes and accessories for figures!

Plastic model
With figure
Mazda Cosmo Sports L10B w/60's girls figure

Scale : 1:24
Product number: SP368 Shipment by us: July 06, 2020 Release date: About July 09, 2020 Body price : 3800 yen (+consumption tax) Number of parts : 98 Model length : 172mm Model width … 67.5 mm

A female figure made of resin has been added to the Mazda Cosmo Sports L10B.
Modeled on the same scale as the women in the 1960s fashion at the time of its release.
(Prototype production: Mr. Satoshi Tsujimura)

Decal (marking)


Plastic model
Limited edition
New package
Subaru Impreza WRC 2005 “2005 Rally Mexico Winner”
Scale : 1:24
Product number: 20454 Our shipping : July 08, 2020 Release date: July 11, 2020 Body price : 4000 yen (+ consumption tax) Number of parts : 96 Model length : 185mm Model width … 75.5 mm

Reproduce the 2005 Rally Mexico winning car!

The body part color is blue.
Decal (marking)

  • 2005 Rally Mexico Car Car No.5 Driver: Petter Solberg Wins
  • 2005 Rally Mexico Car Car No.6 Driver: Chris Atkinson

Plastic model
Limited edition
New decal
Mitsubishi Lancer GSR Evolution III “1995 Tour de Corse”
Scale : 1:24
Product number: 20453 Our shipping : July 08, 2020 Release date: July 11, 2020 Body price : 4100 yen (+consumption tax) Number of parts : 109 Model length : 180mm Model width … 73.5 mm

Reproduce the appearance of Lancer GSR Evolution III in the debut battle!

The body part color is white.
Decal (marking)

  • 1995 Tour de Corse Rally Car No.12 Driver: Andrea Agini 3rd
  • 1995 Tour de Corse Rally Car No.11 Driver: Tomi Makinen 8th

Plastic model
Humanoid type unmanned attacker for space Growsurfund "Altair"
Scale : 1:20
Product number: 64105 Our shipping : July 10, 2020 Release date: About July 15, 2020 Body price : 5000 yen (+consumption tax) Number of parts : 188 Model height : 153mm Model width … 119 mm

the "Grosurfund" developed for the anti-mercenary armor suits by the Stral Army, which is promoting the unmanned use of weapons, the
"Altair" aircraft equipped with space battle equipment has been made into a kit.


Two large nozzles for outer space are installed on the back of the fuselage
and a silhouette different from the land battle type is attractive, such as a stabilizer for attitude control that extends left and right .
Back fairing for interior and propulsion engines and combustion agent and fuel cell,
propulsion vernier, attitude control nozzles, long-range antenna and stabilizer,
searching for the enemy radar bulge, large diffusion laser gun, large shoulder armor, large foot
a large number of parts, such as It will be a new part.


The decals are for 5 machines with silk-screen printing with good coloring.
The familiar painting card is also included. The original illustration by Hiroshi Yokoyama is in charge of the package illustration.



*1 kit contents

Plastic model
With patch
VF-31J Siegfried "Freya Vion Color" Macross Delta the Movie
Scale : 1:72
Product number: 65848 Our shipping : July 10, 2020 Release date: About July 13, 2020 Body price : 4600 yen (+ consumption tax)

Walkure 3rd LIVE
"Walkure does not betray" held in February 2018  at Yokohama Arena, "Freia Wion Color"
designed by Hideki Tenjin, who appeared in the opening video, has been made into a
With Minori Suzuki's handwritten illustration patch in charge of Freia's voice!
(Approximately 9 cm diameter embroidery type planned)
The body part color of the kit is red.
The package is a CG specification produced by Hideki Tenjin.
Decal (marking)

  • Freya Vion color

Plastic model
Limited edition
Tupolev Tu-144S
Scale : 1:144
Item No.: 10837 Our shipping date : July 10, 2020 Release date: About July 15, 2020 Body price : 4200 yen (+consumption tax) Number of parts : 108 Model length : 465mm Model width … 200 mm

Reproduce the mass-produced Soviet SST (Supersonic transport)!


The Tu-144S is a mass-produced model that first flew on June 1, 1971. The shape
of the
engine nozzle and main wing tip is different from Tu-144D (engine performance improvement type) .
Nose and retractable canard positions are selectable.
Legs can be parked/flying.
Display stand included.
Set the ICM parts.
Decal (marking)

  • Tu-144S "CCCP-77110"
  • Tu-144S "CCCP-77107"

Plastic model
Sopwith Camel F.1
Scale : 1:16
Product number : MU01 Shipment by us : July 13, 2020 Release date: About July 16, 2020 Body price : 14800 yen (+ consumption tax) Number of parts : 293 Model length : 358.5mm Model width … 536 mm

The Camel is a representative British air-cooled engine fighter in World War I.
Boasting outstanding turning performance, speed and climbing power, it is said that the number of production including each model is 5490.
The development was done by Sopwith Aviation, and in
1917 the F.1 model with the Clerje 9B 130 hp engine was born.
The main material of the actual machine is a wooden frame with upholstered cloth, and the frame around the engine, the
tail and rudder, etc., and the legs and columns are metal materials.
The cockpit area was covered with plywood.


The kit reproduces this machine as a structural model other than the haori.
6 colors
(brown (2 types), ivory, dark gray, clear, silver plated parts) and
rubber tires, tension wire, metal wire, and various other materials
give the finish an atmosphere without painting.
As with the actual machine, the control stick/foot pedal and the moving blades work together.
(Fixed state can also be selected)

Decal (marking)

  • British nationality display of "blue, white, red" in the ladder section, instruments, etc.

Plastic model
Limited edition
Kawasaki C-1 “Flight Development Experiment Team First Unit”
Scale : 1:200
Product number : 10838 Shipment by us : July 13, 2020 Release date: About July 16, 2020 Body price : 2800 yen (+consumption tax) Number of parts : 44 Model width : 152mm

Reproduce the first C-1 operated by ADTW!
Add a large Pitot tube with Shinchu grind parts.

  • Large pitot tube

Decal (marking)

  • Air Self-Defense Force flight development experiment team belonging machine "001"

Plastic model
Fi156C Storch
Scale : 1:32
Product number: ST8 Our shipping : July 13, 2020 Release date: About July 16, 2020 Body price : 3400 yen (+ consumption tax) Number of parts … 163 Model total length … 308 mm model full width … 442 mm

The Storch is
masterpiece STOL aircraft 《Short-distance planing and landing aircraft》, which was used as the main contact aircraft of the German army throughout the entire World War II, and a
total of 2549 aircraft of each type were produced during 1939-45 during the war. It was.


It is a lightweight low-speed aircraft with two or three-seater high wings, fixed legs, and upholstered structure, and
it is easy to take off and land in a small open space.
The prototype Fi156V1 first flew in 1936, the
Fi156A-0 was used for practical tests in
1937, and the production A-1 appeared in 1938.


In 1939, the mass-produced armed C series appeared and
was used for commanding operations, and its full value was demonstrated in the Mussolini rescue operation.
Fi156C-0 is the first production type, fitted with a MG15 7.92Mm swivel gun behind the top of the rear,
C-1 and the observation / C-2 for reconnaissance to primary mission contact / light transport in 1940,
further It developed into a versatile C-3, and in
1941 C-3/Trop for the tropical desert appeared.


The C-5 is a 50kg bomb x 3 or
a model modified to attach a large camera or tank to the bottom of the fuselage ,
and there is also C-5/Trop for tropical areas.


In addition, after the C series, the D series for the transportation of war victims was also created
and operated in various fields.
On the Eastern Front in winter, some aircraft were equipped with skis instead of wheels.


《Actual aircraft data》
Crew: 2-3 people
9.9m Width: 14.25m
Height : 3.05m Own
weight : 930kg
Engine: Argus AS-10C Air-cooled inverted V-8 cylinder
lift output: 240hp
Landing distance: 26m (grassland) No wind)
Output: 1,450hp,
Maximum speed : 175km /h
Minimum speed: 51km/h
Cruising range: 385km

Model tools
new product
Cutting scale L-shaped (15 cm x 9 cm) [Stainless steel edge processing]
Product number ……… TT115 Our shipping … July 15, 2020 Release date …… About July 18, 2020 Body price … 1500 yen (+ consumption tax)

A new "L-shape" has been added to the cutting scale!


The cutting scale L-shaped
can be cut at a right angle (90 degrees) while checking the guideline and pattern of the cut object by making the ruler “transparent” and “L-shaped” .
By applying stainless steel processing to the four sides of the edge,
you can use it with confidence even if you hit the cutter blade . A scale of 5mm grid is placed on the whole so that it can be measured from all directions.
Uses a universal design font that is easy to see and measure. A ruler that comfortably cuts right angles (90 degrees).


・Material: acrylic resin

Plastic model
BMW R75/5
Scale : 1:10
Product number: SP374 Shipment by us: July 17, 2020 Release date: About July 22, 2020 Body price : 3400 yen (+ consumption tax)

famous model "BMW R75/5" that inherits the traditional BMW layout, such as horizontally opposed engine and shaft drive, is reproduced.
The parts color of the kit is black for seats and frames.
The engine, fuel tank, wheels, front forks, etc. are silver plated.
A set of rubber tires and springs for the rear suspension.
Decal (marking)

Paint used in the kit
Plastic model
Limited edition
New decal
B-47E Strato Jet “1000th Strato Jet”
Scale : 1:72
Item No .: 02350 Our company shipping date: July 17, 2020 Release date: About July 22, 2020 Body price : 4200 yen (+consumption tax) Number of parts : 166 Model length : 471mm Model width … 491 mm

Reproduce the No. 1000 machine that rolled out in October 1954!


The US Air Force's large strategic bomber B-47 was deployed in SAC (Strategic Aviation Corps) and
operated as the main bomber of the Cold War era.
It is impressive that the suspension type engine pod is attached to the thin main wing with a sweepback angle of 35°.
The bomb tank door of the kit is open and comes with 24 bomb parts.
Mr. Hajime Kato is in charge of the package illustration.
Decal (marking)

  • Boeing Wichita Factory Stratjet 1000 Unit "2609" (1954)

Plastic model
new product
New marking
VF-31J Kai Siegfried Hayate Machine “Macross Δ”
Scale : 1:72
Product number: 65867 Our shipping : July 20, 2020 Release date: About July 23, 2020 Body price : 4000 yen (+ consumption tax) Number of parts : 118 Model length : 261.1mm Model width … 192.8mm

Reproduce the new Hayate machine that appeared in the final episode of Macross Δ (TV version)!


The body part color is white.
Hideki Tenjin is in charge of the package illustration.
Decal (marking)

  • Chaos Laguna 3rd Combat Wing Δ Δ Platoon Member Hayate Immelman Boarding Machine “Δ05”

Plastic model
Aichi D3A1 Type 99 bomber "Folding Wing"
Scale : 1:48
Product number: CH42 Our shipping : July 20, 2020 Release date: About July 23, 2020 Body price : 3800 yen (+ consumption tax) Number of parts … 143 Model total length … 213 mm Model full width … 228 mm

Reproduce the figure with the wing tips bent on board.
Mainly on the cross-section sculpture of the broken wing, a
number of detail-up parts such as cowl flaps, plug cords, ring sights, and bomb restraints are included.
Etching parts

  • Main wing bending part, cowl flap, etc.

Resin kit
Limited edition
12 Real Figure Collection No.02 “Blonde Girl”

Scale : 1:12
Product number : SP462 Our shipping : July 22, 2020 Release date: About July 29, 2020 Body price : 4900 yen (+ consumption tax)

The second popular series
is sculpting a sexy blonde girl!
Satoshi Tsujimura is in charge of the prototype production.

Top sculptor Satoshi Tsujimura, who also works on the 1/24 Figure Collection Series,
will be made into a kit with a high degree of reproducibility unique to resin molding.
Enjoy the "craftsmanship" with your own hands!

Plastic model
ANA Airbus A321neo
Scale : 1:200
Product number : 10826 Our shipping : July 22, 2020 Release date: About July 29, 2020 Body price : 2200 yen (+ consumption tax) Model length : 222.5mm Model width : 177mm

Flight operations started in 2017, and the latest ANA domestic flights are now available as a kit! The features of this machine are reproduced by setting exclusive parts such as an
engine for neo, an antenna for each part, an antenna bulge at the rear of the fuselage, a
blended winglet, and wheels with a new wheel shape
Decal (marking)

  • All Nippon Airways No. 2 "JA132A" (January 2018)
  • All Nippon Airways No. 1 "JA131A" (Started operation on September 12, 2017)

Plastic model
New mold
Kawasaki 500-SS/MACH III (H1)
Scale : 1:12
Product number : BK10 Shipment by us: July 27, 2020 Release date: About July 30, 2020 Body price : 3400 yen (+consumption tax) Number of parts : 157 Model total length : 176mm Model height … 105.5mm model full width …68.5mm

The Kawasaki 500-SS/MACH III (H1) that appeared in 1969 is

This machine was developed with the goal of "making the world's fastest motorcycle".

The newly developed 2-stroke air-cooled 3-cylinder engine brought about an amazing acceleration power at that time,

It was a great success in the North American market that was first released.

The kit is the Kawasaki 500-SS/MACH III (H1) released in Japan in September 1969.

We will make a kit with a completely new mold by thoroughly covering the actual vehicle.

The parts color of the tank is white, and the headlight mirror and mirror are silver plated parts.

Resin kit
Limited edition
12 Egg Girls Collection No.09 “Lucy McDonnell” (bikini)
Scale : 1:12
Product number : SP461 Shipment by us : July 29, 2020 Release date: About August 01, 2020 Body price : 4900 yen (+ consumption tax)

9th 1/12 Tamago Girls Collection!
Mr. Taro Mochikomi is in charge of the prototype production.
Package illustrations and figure designs are drawn by Takashi Fujisawa.
Lucy's character introduction is here ♪
Decal (marking)

  • Eyes, etc.

Plastic model
Limited edition
New mold addition
20 Mechatro-Wego No.04 Power Arm “Mikandai Fuku”
Scale : 1:20
Product number: 64784 Our shipping : July 29, 2020 Release date: August 01, 2020 Body price : 3200 yen (+ consumption tax) Number of parts : 153 Model height : 132.5mm Model width … 128 mm
The popular "Pawaarm" type mechatrowego on the 1:35 scale is now available on the
large 1:20 scale (approximately 13 cm tall)!
A plastic model that requires no adhesive and is easy to assemble with color parts (9 colors).
(Adhesive is required to assemble the included figures) The
newly developed 1:20 power arm unit has
mechanical details added to the details, giving a more powerful impression!
With dress-up decals such as danger indication and various logos.
Mr. Arai Keiichi is in charge of the package illustration!
Plastic model
New mold
Toyota Corolla Levin AE92 GT APEX early model
Scale : 1:24
Product number: HC36 Shipment by us: July 31, 2020 Release date: About August 05, 2020 Body price : 3200 yen (+consumption tax) Number of parts : 115 Model length : 177.5mm Model width … 78.5 mm

The FF Sports Coupe AE92 Levin, which boasts the highest sales of all successive models


The 5th generation Levin became a FF after a full model change in 1987.

From the stylish appearance and the affordable price, it was a big hit among the young people at the time,

It has become the most sold model among the successive models.

The kit is a luxurious GT-APEX early model equipped with electronically controlled suspension TEMS etc.

Reproduced with a completely new mold based on thorough actual vehicle coverage.

Side spoilers, rear spoilers, aluminum wheels, etc.

You can choose with or without optional equipment.

The body part color is white,

Headlights and taillights Mirror surface and aluminum wheels are silver-plated parts.

A separate window sticker is included.



The new project from Clear Prop Models began with measurements of several real aircraft

which allowed us to develop reliable and accurate drawings formed the basis of our 3D model. Our new model CP72021 MiG-23 MLD will be produced as plastic kit in 1/72 scale. Also, the following modifications of lightweight MiG are planned: ML, MLA, MLDE and P.
Moreover, this summer, another new project of the famous aircraft, which is also designed on the basis of our own drawings, will be announced.
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