Russian Topol-M ballistic missile

product description:

“Topol”-M is similar to the earlier “Topol” strategic missile, but the missile has been improved. The main difference between the two lies in the way of penetrating enemy air defenses and anti-missile systems. The missile can change trajectory during flight. It can also carry active and passive baits. It is estimated that this type of missile has a 60-65 % penetration probability.

The “Topol”-M launch vehicle for land mobile launch is based on the MZKT-79221 (formerly also named MAZ-7922) 16×16 heavy-duty high- mobility transport vehicle chassis produced in Belarus. The chassis is specifically designed for this ICBM. It is similar to the launch vehicle used by the “Topol” missile, but it is driven by eight axles, while the MAZ-7917 launch vehicle used by the “Topol” missile has seven axles, and only the front three axles and the rear three axles can provide power. This launch vehicle is therefore very flexible in its size class. It also has good off-road mobility. The launch vehicle has a crew of three. “Topol”-M’s mobile launch vehicle has an endurance of 500 kilometers. This allows the vehicle to be deployed covertly over a range equivalent to a small European country.

Road-mobile ICBMs are more difficult to detect and destroy. It still has very good survivability after suffering the first round of nuclear strikes. Once on high alert, Topol-M can quickly leave the base and deploy in remote forests, which can increase its survivability.

product number    82952
product name    Russian Topol-M ballistic missile
barcode    6939319229526
Product ratio    1:72
product type    Plastic Model Armor Kit
model size    Length: 310.5mm Width: 56.5mm   
total number of parts    230+
Total number of offset plates    12 sprues , frame and tires
Chrome parts    n/a
resin parts    n/a
metal parts    n/a
etched parts    n/a
Film parts    n/a
Announcement date    2022-11
more description    The kit consists of over 230 parts 
-Newly tooled parts in accurate detail
-Rubber tires