Mi-8MT “Hippo-H” helicopter

product description:
The Mi-8MT series began production at the Kazan Helicopter Factory in 1977. Aircraft produced after this year are equipped with more modern TV3-117MT engines. At first, the production of these TV3-117-engined helicopters was lower than that of previous models equipped with TV2-117 series engines, but as the war in Afghanistan progressed, the Soviet army began to reconsider the production of this type of aircraft. The -8MT and its extensions became mainstream in the production schedule. As of 2001, the Kazan Helicopter Plant has produced more than 3,000 helicopters equipped with TV3-117MT and TV3-117VM engines.

In 1981, the Mi-8MT made its public debut at the 34th Paris Air Show. For advertising and external sales reasons, the export model was given the designation Mi-17, which had six external hardpoints. Can mount missiles, bombs, small arms and cannons.

Product number 05815
product name Mi-8MT “Hippo-H” helicopter
barcode 9580208058153
Product ratio 1:48
product type Plastic Model Aircraft Kit
Model size Length: 525.5mm Rotor Diameter: 443.7mm
Total number of parts 270+
metal parts n/a
Etched parts 1 piece
film n/a
Resin parts n/a
Total number of offset plates 14 sprues
Announcement date 2022-11
more description – Detailed fuselage w/accurate design

  • Canopy made from clear parts
  • Finely detailed cockpit, gear cabin,
  • photo-etched parts included