December 2022 New product information
plastic model
new product
new decal
VF-1J Armored Valkyrie “Operation Bullseye Part2”
Product number:65880
Release date:December 24 2022

The J-type armor with a master file setting equipped with reaction bullets on the hardpoints of the forearm armor is now available!

From the master file “VF-1 Valkyrie Space Wings”, we will make a kit of the J type piloted by Ensign Boris Glikovsky,
who was in charge of attacking the enemy battleship in Operation Bullseye . Added parts for reaction bullets and back super parts. Only J type head is set. His part colors are light gray, light gray blue, white, and clear. The missile hatch of each part can reproduce the open / closed state by replacing parts. A chest missile hatch with a circular slit and round finger parts are also included as a bonus. Macross visual artist Hidetaka Tenjin is in charge of the package illustration.

■ Reaction bullets
It is a specification to equip one each on the left and right forearms. (6 parts are included.)
■Missile hatch on the right chest
Set the type without a circular slit.
■Back booster
From the description of Operation Bullseye, the figure with super parts attached to the back is made into a kit.
Decal (Marking)

  • Joint Forces SVF-13 “105” Boris Glikovsky Ensign Boarding Machine (Darts 1)
  • Joint Force SVF-13 “101” Lieutenant Hidefumi Takita Boarding Machine (Darts 2)

December 2022 New product information
plastic model
limited edition
New gold type addition
special version
Toyota MR2 (AW11) Late Model Super Edition
Product number:20604
Release date:December 21 2022

Reproduce the special edition car that was sold with a limit of 300 units!

Based on the G-Limited Supercharger AD Package,
this special edition car was sold in January 1988 with a limited number of 300 units nationwide.

Body parts color is white. Selection formula of T-bar roof and normal roof.

Comes with window seals.
Additional plastic parts

  • MOMO leather-wrapped steering wheel

December 2022 New product information
plastic model
limited edition
with resin figure
Wild Egg Girls No.05 Lamborghini Miura P400 SV “Mikumo Shiranagi” w/Figure
Product number:SP544
Release date:December 21 2022

Wild Egg Girls Vol.5!
Fearless freedom sister “Mikumo Shiranagi”
participates in Miura with original markings! !

Mr. Tsurugidan is in charge of producing the prototype of the figure.
Takashi Fujisawa is in charge of the illustrations.

Shiranagi Mikumo character introduction pagehttp
: //www.hasegawa-model.co.jp/eg/mikumo/
Decal (Marking)

  • Vehicle marking, figure eyes, etc.

December 2022 New product information
plastic model
limited edition
2 car set
M4A3E8 Sherman & M24 Chaffee “U.S. Army Main Battle Tank Combo“
Product number:30068
Release date:December 17 2022

A kit of two US Army main battle tanks!
Decal (Marking)

  • M4A3E8: US Army belonging car “THE FLYING SCOT”
  • M4A3E8: U.S. Army 6th Armored Division 68th Tank Battalion affiliation car “27” (Germany: April 1945)
  • M24: U.S. Army 43rd Cavalry Reconnaissance Company “Pegasus” (Germany: 1945)
  • M24: U.S. Army 117th Cavalry Reconnaissance Company “USA” (France: March 1945)

ACE Models
72186 GAZ-66B Air portable truck
Some progress
cab and clear parts are ready
Model state Soon
Weapons and equipment Cars
Period Post WWII

Italian HORIZON CLASS Deatroyer
D553 Andrea Doria/D554 CAIO DUILIO
Release Date LATE 2022 Q4