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VF-1J Armored Valkyrie “Operation Bullseye Part2”
Product number:65880
Release date:December 24 2022

The J-type armor with a master file setting equipped with reaction bullets on the hardpoints of the forearm armor is now available!

From the master file “VF-1 Valkyrie Space Wings”, we will make a kit of the J type piloted by Ensign Boris Glikovsky,
who was in charge of attacking the enemy battleship in Operation Bullseye . Added parts for reaction bullets and back super parts. Only J type head is set. His part colors are light gray, light gray blue, white, and clear. The missile hatch of each part can reproduce the open / closed state by replacing parts. A chest missile hatch with a circular slit and round finger parts are also included as a bonus. Macross visual artist Hidetaka Tenjin is in charge of the package illustration.

■ Reaction bullets
It is a specification to equip one each on the left and right forearms. (6 parts are included.)
■Missile hatch on the right chest
Set the type without a circular slit.
■Back booster
From the description of Operation Bullseye, the figure with super parts attached to the back is made into a kit.
Decal (Marking)

  • Joint Forces SVF-13 “105” Boris Glikovsky Ensign Boarding Machine (Darts 1)
  • Joint Force SVF-13 “101” Lieutenant Hidefumi Takita Boarding Machine (Darts 2)

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