New decals from Caracal Models
CD48138 – 1/48 F-117A Stealth Fighter: A diverse selection of 16 marking options for the legendary F-117A Nighthawk.

Our first 1/48 sheet for the F-117A features a comprehensive selection of options covering the entire service history of this important aircraft. In addition to examples attached to every operating unit in Holloman during the 2000s, we provide markings for 6 aircraft that flew in Desert Storm; each with unique bomb bay artwork and accurate crew names. Markings for “Vega 31”, the only F-117 to be lost in action, are also included.

The options on this decal sheet are:

  • F-117A 80-0788, 49th FW commander’s jet, 2007
  • F-117A 86-0839, 49th OG commander’s jet, 2006
  • F-117A 82-0806, 7th FS, “Vega 31” – the F-117 shot down over Yugoslavia 1999
  • F-117A 84-0811, 410th FLTS, Edwards AFB, 2007
  • F-117A 81-10797, 7th FS commander’s jet, Holloman AFB, 2006
  • F-117A 82-0800, 8th FS commander’s jet, Holloman AFB, 2007
  • F-117A 84-0809, 9th FS commander’s jet, Holloman AFB, 2007
  • F-117A 86-0837, 7th FS, Holloman AFB, 2006
  • F-117A 88-0842, 8th FS, Holloman AFB, 2003
  • F-117A 86-0823, 9th FS, Holloman AFB, 2007
  • F-117A 82-0803 “Unexpected Guest”, 416th TFS, 1991
  • F-117A 85-0814 “Final Verdict”, 416th TFS, 1991
  • F-117A 85-0834 “Necromancer”, 416th TFS, 1991
  • F-117A 85-0825 “Mad Max”, 416th TFS, 1991
  • F-117A 88-0841 “Mystic Warrior”, 416th TFS, 1991
  • F-117A 86-0821 “Sneak Attack”, 416th TFS, 1991

New decals from Caracal Models
CD72134 – 1/72 FB-111A “SIOP”: A 1/72 scale version of our FB-111A sheet with markings for SAC Aardvarks in the striking SIOP paint scheme.

When it entered Strategic Air Command service in the early 1970s, the FB-111A was one of the most modern and important attack jets in the USAF inventory. During these early years, the SAC FB-111A fleet was camouflaged in the unique SIOP (Single Integrated Operational Plan) camouflage scheme. On this set, we provide several colorful marking options for FB-111As in this attractive camouflage.

The options on this decal sheet are:

  • FB-111A 67-0162 “Apple 1” (SAC Bombing & Nav. Competition). 380th BW, Plattsburgh AFB 1974
  • FB-111A 68-0269 “New Hampshire Special”, 509th BW, Pease AFB
  • FB-111A 68-0247 NATO Tiger Meet, 509th BW, Pease AFB 1978
  • FB-111A 68-0254, 6510th Test Wing, Edwards AFB
  • FB-111A 68-0245 “Ready Teddy”, 380th BW, Plattsburgh AFB 1983
  • FB-111A 68-0245 “Spirit of the Seacoast”, 509th BW, Pease AFB
  • FB-111A 68-0244 “Lucky Strike”, 380th BW, Plattsburgh AFB 1983
  • FB-111A 69-6510 “Sleepy Time Gal”, 380th BW, Plattsburgh AFB 1983

New decals from Caracal Models
CD72133 – 1/72 OV-1 Mohawk: A 1/72 scale version of our OV-1 Mohawk sheet, just on time for the new Clear Prop kit.

A very innovative design for its time, the OV-1 Mohawk has served the US Army for more than 30 years primarily as an armed reconnaissance aircraft. The Mohawk proved its capabilities in Vietnam and Desert Storm.

Our decal sheet provides accurate, colorful markings for eleven (11) Mohawks and is designed for the 1/72 scale Hasegawa and ClearProp kits. We also provide well-designed, easy-to-apply walkways to replace the multi-part kit decals.

The options on this decal sheet are:

  • OV-1C Mohawk 61-2679, 1st Cav Division – ASTA, US Army (Vietnam War)
  • OV-1A Mohawk 59-2615, 225th Avn. Co., US Army (Vietnam War)
  • OV-1A Mohawk 63-13133, 73rd Avn. Co., US Army (Vietnam War)
  • OV-1C Mohawk 66-18887, 131st Avn. Co., US Army (Vietnam War)
  • OV-1B Mohawk 62-5903, 122nd Avn. Co., US Army
  • OV-1B Mohawk 62-5899, 3rd Armored Div., US Army
  • OV-1C Mohawk 68-15957, US Army Intelligence School, US Army
  • OV-1D Mohawk 68-16999, US Army Intelligence School, US Army
  • OV-1B Mohawk 62-5865, Georgia Army National Guard
  • OV-1D Mohawk 68-15953 “One Bad B**ch”, 2nd Mil. Intel. Bat., US Army (Desert Storm)
  • OV-1B Mohawk 62-5866, US Navy Test Pilot School

New decals from Caracal Models
CD48225 – 1/48 F-35A International: Our newest F-35A sheet features markings for some of the most colorful international Lightnings: the Norwegian 75th anniversary jet and the Israeli test jet are here, along with jets of some of the newest USAF units. Designed for the Meng kit.

The options on this decal sheet are:

  • F-35A “5146”, RNoAF 75th anniversary scheme, Royal Norwegian Air Force
  • F-35A “5502”, Royal Norwegian Air Force
  • F-35I “924”, MANAT – Israeli Defense Force / Air Force
  • F-35I “907”, 140 Sqn, Israeli Defence Force / Air Force
  • F-35A “L-001”, Royal Danish Air Force
  • F-35A 09-8721, 301st TFS, Japanese Air Self Defense Force
  • F-35A “A35-037”, 77 Squadron, Royal Australian Air Force
  • F-35A 15-5203, 421FS “Black Widows”, USAF – Hill AFB
  • F-35A 17-5259, 34FS “Rude Rams”, USAF – Hill AFB
  • F-35A 19-5469, 355FS “Fightin’ Falcons”, USAF – Eielson AFB
  • F-35A 18-5352, 356FS “Green Demons”, USAF – Eielson AFB
  • F-35A 17-5266, 134FS “Yellow Scorpions” (Vermont Air National Guard), USAF
  • F-35A 19-5476, 495FS, USAF – RAF Lakenheath

New decals from Caracal Models
Caracal Models CD48216 – A-7A/B Corsair II
CD48216 is a 1/48 scale decal set featuring five colorful US Navy A-7A/B Corsairs, including VA-46 with its intricate tartan design on the tail

This sheet was designed to fit the Hobby Boss A-7A/B kit. The options on this decal sheet are:

  • A-7B BuNo.154502, VA-46, USS John F Kennedy
  • A-7B BuNo.154375, VA-72, USS John F Kennedy
  • A-7A BuNo.153237, VA-93, USS Midway
  • A-7B BuNo.154479, VA-72, USS Oriskany
  • A-7B BuNo.154548, VA-303

New decals from Caracal Models
CD48206 – 1/48 USAF CH-53 / MH-53: The second sheet in our CH-53 series provides 13 marking options for USAF CH-53, including several MH-53 Pave Low options for that conversion set you have been saving for decent decals. Designed for the recently re-released Revell kit.

The options on this decal sheet are:

  • CH-53C 70-1629, USAF
  • HH-53C 68-10364, USAF
  • CH-53C 68-10923, USAF
  • CH-53C 68-10925, USAF
  • CH-53C 68-10928, USAF
  • HH-53C 68-8284, USAF
  • HH-53C 68-10369, USAF
  • MH-53J 66-14433, USAF
  • MH-53M 73-1625, USAF
  • MH-53M 73-1649, USAF
  • MH-53M 67-14994, USAF
  • MH-53J 66-14432, USAF
  • MH-53M 69-5795, USAF

MENG LS-016 Boeing F/A-18F “Super Hornet” Fighter “Bounty Hunter” Squadron Scale: 1/48 Price: 265 yuan Availability: July 2022

The various carrier-based aircraft squadrons in the US Navy are quite famous, and the oldest and most prestigious is the VFA-2 “Bounty Hunters” squadron, whose history can be traced back to the US Navy’s first aircraft carrier The earliest carrier-based aircraft squadron on the USS Langley. The squadron was re-established at Melawa Naval Air Base on October 14, 1972, and has been refitted with F/A-18F fighter jets since October 2003 and has been in use ever since. On major festivals, all fighter jets in the VFA-2 squadron are eligible to be painted with the distinctive red, white and blue “Langley strips”.
The latest product launched by MENG is the LS-016 Boeing F/A-18F “Super Hornet” fighter “Bounty Hunter” squadron assembled model, with a total length of 378 mm and a width of 273 mm, including pre-cut precision metal etching, masking Stickers and three exclusive livery schemes for the VFA-2 “Bounty Hunter” squadron. The kit contains two U.S. Navy pilots. The main pylon is specially designed to be pluggable and can be replaced with different types of bombs. It also comes with AGM-65 anti-radiation missiles and GBU-12 and GBU-16 laser-guided bombs. Let’s take a look at the specific details of this kit.

3 types of VFA-2 “Bounty Hunter” squadron exclusive high-visibility and low-visibility livery options are available.