New decals from Caracal Models
CD48225 – 1/48 F-35A International: Our newest F-35A sheet features markings for some of the most colorful international Lightnings: the Norwegian 75th anniversary jet and the Israeli test jet are here, along with jets of some of the newest USAF units. Designed for the Meng kit.

The options on this decal sheet are:

  • F-35A “5146”, RNoAF 75th anniversary scheme, Royal Norwegian Air Force
  • F-35A “5502”, Royal Norwegian Air Force
  • F-35I “924”, MANAT – Israeli Defense Force / Air Force
  • F-35I “907”, 140 Sqn, Israeli Defence Force / Air Force
  • F-35A “L-001”, Royal Danish Air Force
  • F-35A 09-8721, 301st TFS, Japanese Air Self Defense Force
  • F-35A “A35-037”, 77 Squadron, Royal Australian Air Force
  • F-35A 15-5203, 421FS “Black Widows”, USAF – Hill AFB
  • F-35A 17-5259, 34FS “Rude Rams”, USAF – Hill AFB
  • F-35A 19-5469, 355FS “Fightin’ Falcons”, USAF – Eielson AFB
  • F-35A 18-5352, 356FS “Green Demons”, USAF – Eielson AFB
  • F-35A 17-5266, 134FS “Yellow Scorpions” (Vermont Air National Guard), USAF
  • F-35A 19-5476, 495FS, USAF – RAF Lakenheath