hasegawa August 2022 New Product Information Plastic model new product F-16B PLUS Fighting Falcon Scale … 1:72 Part number ……… D14 Shipped by our company … August 22, 2022 Release date …… Around August 25, 2022

General Dynamics F-16B PLUS Fighting Falcon is a
double-seat aircraft of the F-16A PLUS.
Since the rear seats have been added, the capacity of the horizontal fuel tank has decreased slightly, and the
weight has increased by 305 kg, which is the same as the single-seat type.
The F-16B PLUS is mainly used for pilot conversion training, but in
the event of an emergency it can be used as a tactical fighter that is no different from a single-seat fighter.

Crew: 2 people
Overall width: 9.45m Overall
length: 14.52m
Overall height: 5.01m
Maximum takeoff weight: 16,057kg
Engine: P & W / F-100-PW-200
Thrust: 6,655kg, (10,810kg when using A / B)
Maximum speed: Mach 2.1 / 12,200m
Fixed armament: M61A1 20m / m Balkan cannon x 1
First flight: 1977.8.8 (F-16B)