Full evaluation review FOR AFV CLUB AF35304 1/35 M-109A3/M-185A3 SHOPVAN 6X6 2.5 TON -AND TEST FOR accuracy and quality AND FOR detail OF THE KIT

M109 Truck, shop van, REO OA331 gas, 2½-ton, 6 × 6/

This restored 1970 Kaiser-Jeep M109A3 2.5-Ton 6×6 Shop Van is in really good shape. It looks good, runs well, it’s ready for work, play or display, and you could drive it home if you want. I had originally planned to convert it to a combination camper and radio truck, and I’ve done a lot of work in the van box towards this goal. I’m selling it now because I’ve realized that I don’t really enjoy driving these things, so I’ll probably never use it the way I intended to. I know I won’t recover the money I have into it, because I paid top dollar for a fine truck and then spent a lot more getting it shipped across the US… before I even started spending money on van box upgrades! Oh, well… my loss is your gain.



AFV CLUB AF35304 1/35 M-109A3/M-185A3 SHOPVAN 6X6 2.5 TON


FULL BOX KIT Looking from the side


book instructions page 1 + poter of the kit

book instructions page 1

book instructions pages 2-3

book instructions pages 4-5

book instructions pages 6-7

book instructions pages 8-9

book instructions pages 10-11

book instructions pages 12-13

book instructions pages 14-15

Markingy/camouflage /Full customized coloring instructions pages 16-17

Markingy/camouflage /Full customized coloring instructions pages 18-19

Markingy/camouflage/Full customized coloring instructions page 20

FULL Content OF THE KIT ON page 15

Disc /wheel plate

wheel plate With a direct and detailed look

wheel plate

Wheels in black Large and detailed

Wheels in black

PE parts

decals / Wire and chain

Bronze wire+DASHBOARRD decals

Although it has been a long time since this summer vacation
And in fact this truck shop is not an idea for anyone who thought about it
Understood the need for it in the army or in civilian life is still amazed to discover that this truck is very important and not only for the army or soldiers because it provides service and is a meeting place and quality time with friends and welfare
And a meeting place to meet new people and also a woman for life or a good friend
Short-term recreation and a very recommended place to have a good conversation
And eat something tasty or drink a fine drink

This truck has a very large historical background and not only wars or military operations or active military service and provides a solution to all the needs of the army between its missions
And also serves as an active and fast-moving transportation vehicle and has received the respect it deserves from the years it was in the army
These trucks are in excellent mechanical condition and have almost no faults
Owning a very strong child that has remained for many years
And are considered very fast today
In this truck, a rolling bracket is installed as a means of protecting and protecting the cab
The first truck was built in 1941

Trucks were built in total

The kit itself is very rich and large
And here the manufacturer has invested a lot of resources in time and money in the excellent design of a very fine kit
The package is large and stiff
With an impressive graphic image

Assembly instructions are printed on relatively large pages
And very detailed
The inscription is clear and understandable

The quality of the plastics here is of a high standard
The parts of the kit are painted dark olive green and strong
The plastic gives an excellent base for good and quality painting
It is recommended to buy high-quality, high-quality paints for a realistic and natural finish

The kit gives a particularly high value for money
And enjoyable quality time and length
There are also special parts in a transparent shade like windows and flashlights
The assembly process is easy to perform and requires no prior knowledge
It is recommended to buy good tools and strong glue

Details of the kit parts are very good
And on a very realistic finish

The accuracy of the parts is realistic and also at a high level
And the parts are presented in a very realistic way that creates a quality kit

Highly recommended

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