fujimi 1/12 NX3 Honda CT125 (Hunter Cub / Growing Red) The second new mold for 1/12 scale snap-fit ​​motorcycle model "Honda Hunter Cub" Estimated shipping date: November 24, 2021

Read this if you want to know the ship NEXT Tama! !

I introduced it on Twitter the other day

Magic crownFrom assembly of Tama's test shot

Magic crownWhat is the ship NEXT?

Magic crownWhat is the year of the motif?

Magic crownI want to do everything in detail

Please see to the endGoodWink

Then ~Koala


Magic crownShip NEXT Series Under development with new mold Light cruiser_Kuma 

Test shot in the assembly finished product to make tried.


 ↓ There are still various shapes and shapes, but please enjoy the atmosphere with high-quality photos.

 The 1st to 4th guns are equipped with a wave shield. The chrysanthemum crest is an integral mold on the bow

You can understand well the smart shape to demonstrate the high speed like the flagship of the torpedo squadron.



Tama is a familiar horizontal stretch against the linoleum vertical stretch of Kuma. ↓ Tama and Kuma have their own decks!


Please look up the surface modeling on the heel side!

High-strength steel, rivet, closed porthole in the center … 

This is 1/700 instead of 1/350.


Scheduled to be released from February to March 2020. looking forward to!



Magic crown What is ship NEXT Glitter?

The product is designed with a snap-fit ​​type that does not require an adhesive, and is a series that sets it apart from conventional kits.

The assembly method is all inset, and both offshore and full hull types can be manufactured by dividing the parts in the water line (excluding bonus parts)

Color tone is expressed in advance using pre-colored molding materials, and details and markings are reproduced with a real seal with excellent followability.

★ bow

Accurately shaped the delicate curve near the bow fairleader. The design reflects the 66cm shear (height) at the bow.

Detailed reproduction of steel plate / strip processing surface differences on the chain deck.

The Ogai Electric Circuit is expressed with an appropriate height and sharpness that models the electric circuit and the holding bracket.


★ main gun
The 14-centimeter main gun is shaped including the breech (within the shield), a slide mold is used, and the muzzle represents an opening.
Only the 1st to 4th guns are shaped with a shield on the shield, and the difference from the 5th to 6th guns is used as a special part to express the difference.
The 2nd main gun contains two types of parts facing backwards, and facing forward, with a gun elevation angle to prevent waves.
On the top of the main gun shield, a bonded 13 mm single machine gun is attached as a bonus part.


★ Funabashi
The bridge is recreated based on the remaining drawings and recorded photographs.
The bulletproof board covering the Rashinkan Bridge is expressed in detail by examining its shape, rivets and mounting angle.
The sponson on the side of the bridge is designed to recreate the shape including the lower strut, increasing the sense of precision.
The bridge window is made of transparent parts, and the interior floor is engraved with a grating floor and the compass is also three-dimensional.
The compass and the rear part of the command tower are shaped as a canvas.


★ Torpedo Armor
The launch tube is a completely new design with an excellent finish that incorporates detailed shapes.
The opening of the rear launch tube comes with special parts that can reproduce the state of being blocked by canvas.


★ Central part
Many armor plate thicknesses and three-dimensional shapes of rivets are reflected, centering on the central part of the heel side.
The upper part of the chimney is in a state of “feeling out” and black molding color. The chimney is a thin type of the Kuma type and reproduced with dedicated parts.
The steam pipe has been made highly precise by making it a separate part from the chimney, and the taller size than the chimney has also been faithfully reproduced.
The davit in front of the port side reproduces the appearance of a large replacement.
The 5,500t type light cruiser has two types of linoleum deck, vertical / horizontal, and Tama is reproduced with special parts on the horizontal.


★ rear / stern
The rear shelter deck is designed and divided with the warship color on the deck edge / side and the linoleum color on the horizontal plane at precise positions.
The linoleum tension is also reproduced under the rear shelter deck.
The rear mast is an integrally molded part including the rear signal light.
Includes a guff that attaches to the rear mast so that the battle flag can be raised as a bonus part.
The tip of the stern detonation rail is in a folded state, and its appearance is expressed in an accurate shape without omission.
The double horn shape of the stern is accurately represented on the bottom part of the ship.



Comes with a cut-out sticker to express the color of details.
Includes the warship flag and the internal color of the cutter.
A black molded product with a low center of gravity is included.
Magic crownFinished size: approx. 32 x 2.3 x 5.5 cm = length 32.3 x ship width 2.3 x height 5.5 cm




Did you know Fujimi's NEXT Tama?

Released in February! ! Retail stores are accepting highly acclaimed reservations! !

Reservation required to get securelyLOLheart

Scheduled to ship soon! Free Research Series №3 EX-1 Velociraptor (Dino Orange Specification)

This is an introduction of a new product that will be shipped soon!

Free research series №3 EX-1

Today's edition Velociraptor (Dino Orange specification)!

* The photo shows the product assembled and painted.


Velociraptor which won favorable reception comes up in new color !

Unlike conventional colors (green, blue), it has a different impressionLOL


The snap-fit ​​design allows assembly without using any adhesive.

Consists of colored molded parts that can be easily assembled even when unpainted.

The molding color is orange like thisSurprised mark


Also, you can enjoy the details just by sticking the attached sticker.

The main part is a movable design, which allows the user to freely pose by raising and lowering the arm and moving the wrist and ankle.

Raptor also has a lot of color variationsSurprised mark

In the dinosaur movie, Raptor appeared in 4 sisters ~Happy


It appeared ~Grinning


Free research series №3 EX-1

Today's edition Velociraptor (Dino Orange specification)

Scheduled to be shipped on February 5, 2019! !

Introduction to you who are lost in the ship NEXT ☆ Series detailed introduction summary

It was released today

Pick up articles introducing products from the NEXT series!

The lineup is not just Yamato, Musashi, Kii ~

You are worried about which to buy !

Please refer to it!

the current lineupDown

4968728460567 1/700 Ship NX1 IJN Battleship Yamato

4968728460574 1/700 Ship NX2 IJN Battleship Musashi

4968728460543 1/700 Ship NX3 IJN Battleship Kii

4968728460512 1/700 Ship NX4 IJN Aircraft Carrier Akagi

4968728460529 1/700 Ship NX5 IJN Destroyer

4968728460437 1/700 Ship NX6 IJN Battleship Hiei

4968728460505 1/700 Ship NX7 IJN Battleship Kongo

4968728460550 1/700 Ship NX8 IJN Aircraft Carrier Shinano

4968728460239 1/700 Ship NX9 IJN Battleship Yamato Showa 19

4968728460246 1/700 Ship NX10 IJN Yunun Destroyer Yumun / Fengun 2 Set

4968728460253 1/700 Ship NX11 IJN Yokohoku Destroyer Shiranui / Akimo (at the start of the war)

4968728460598 1/700 Ship NX12 IJN Battleship Musashi (Before Renovation)

4968728460291 1/700 Ship NX13 IJN Battleship Nagato 1945

4968728460352 1/700 Ship NX14 IJN Battleship Yamato 1965 / At completion

4968728460369 1/700 Ship NX15 IJN Battleship Haruna 1945

4968728460376 1/700 Ship NX16 Japanese Navy Akizuki Destroyer Akizuki / First Month

4968728460468 1/350 Ship NX1 IJN Destroyer Shimakaze Final / Showa 19

4968728460444 1/350 Ship NX2 IJN Destroyer Shimakaze (when completed)

4968728460482 1/350 Ship NX3 IJN Yuki-fu Destroyer Yukikaze

4968728460451 1/350 Ship NX4 IJN Heat Destroyer Destroyer

Pick up 1/700 Akagi

Introduction of 1/700 ship NEXT Akagi

Actually, there are various ships!

Recently, the exhibition pedestal has been renewed.

Please confirm which product you want in the package

Introduction and announcement of new products

Little by little, the heat of the morning and evening eases,

The autumn insects started to cry.

Well, yesterday, today,

Introducing the Ground Self-Defense Force light armored vehicle (reconnaissance type) .


Like the Air Self Defense Force light armored vehicle, the powerful illustration was drawn,

I ’m Kenji Kurokawa.Glitter

The realistic illustrations are overflowing with realistic illustrations.

I would like you to pick it up and take a look.

▼ Package is also complete


The image is on the side of the package.

▼ The decals are also clearly marked by unit marks etc.


Since this product is a [2-car set] ,

Please choose and paste your favorite marknote

▼ Since the instruction manual includes reference materials,

The finish is responsiveMurasaki Note


Please take a break during assembly


Release is scheduled for September.

Please wait for a while.

Large set!

It looks like the kids are on summer vacation!

I also used lizards, cicadas, crayfish, stag beetles, beetles, black bass etc …

I was capturing everything with my friends!ShyGlitter

Now I don't even touch the semi …Serious face


I received a photo of the finished product that I had requested to shoot today.

Since it is a corner, I tried to make it like a group photo using them ~Glitter

All of them are group photos from the free research series currently on sale.

There are manySurprised



Snap-fit ​​design makes it easy to assemble without adhesive!

Main molded products are colored and do not require painting!

How about assembling this summer?


Free research series is now on sale!

Fujimi Model Free Research Series

Today's Shipment New Product ~ Haruna 1949 / Keiichi No. 1 strategy With genuine etching parts

We introduce new products shipped today!


1/700 Battleship NX15EX-1 Japan Navy Battleship Haruna Showa 19

Especially by specification (with a genuine etching parts)

In Battleship Haruna, who is challenging the final battle of the “Fighting First Battle Operation” combined fleet,

Comes with precision etching parts not sold separately! 

The delicate parts that can not be expressed in the injection parts are reproduced by the etching parts.

It is useful for more advanced detailing. 
Use from the place that stands out to the details is your choiceWhistle

Content-rich etching parts set with a wide range of options. 

● Please
 Various handrails such as detail up point hull reproduced in etching parts, ship bridge, turret part (with no legs type, with some slack expression)

-Dumpling-Rattar-Watertight door-Agate-21st electric search-Search lighthouse seat truss crane-

Ship bridge frame, boat david, injection machine, machine gun shield, machine gun sight, single machine gun,

Seaplane propeller · loop antenna · 13 探 search chimney rainwater cover wire mesh ·

Backyard yard, carrier-borne truck, turret upper antenna post, etc.



Let's make a plamo in a room with a cooler on such a hot dayGrinning