trumpeter-china 1/350 German battleship "Tirpitz" 05359

product description:
Tirpitz was launched on April 1, 1939 as the second ship of the Bismarck-class battleship. The initial combat concept was roughly the same as the Bismarck. It was sent to the Atlantic Ocean as a water ship to attack the Allied merchant fleet. However, due to the sinking of Bismarck and the failure of other surface ships to attack merchant ships, Hitler lost his trust in the surface fleet, which led to Tirpitz being forced to restrict the attack.
Due to the strengthening of the escort fleet on the Arctic route and the sinking of the Bismarck battleship by the British at the end of 1941, coupled with the raid by the Royal Marines in March 1942 on the large dock in Vichy, France, the only German able to repair in the Atlantic The large dock of the battleship Tirpitz was destroyed, limiting the activities of the battleship Tirpitz in the Atlantic Ocean. Tirpitz was forced to be sent to the waters of northern Norway and spent most of World War II here. . She played the main role of the German fleet in the northern waters of Norway to contain the power of the Royal Navy. Tirpitz made three attacks in Norway, two in 1942 and one in 1943. Although she has been "restricting movement", the Royal Navy is still quite afraid of Tirpitz's potential destructive power to the Allied fleet. The British army has carried out many air strikes and submarine attacks to sink the Tirpitz but it has been It was unsuccessful. It was not until November 12, 1944, that Tirpitz was bombed by a 5.5-ton tall cabinet super bomb designed to deal with large warships before it capsized in the Lingenfjord.

Product number 05359
product name German battleship "Tirpitz"
Bar code 9580208053592
Product ratio 1:350
product type Plastic Model Warship Kit
Model size Length: 715.7mm Beam: 105.9mm
Total number of parts 1180+
Metal parts anchor chain
Etched parts 5 pcs
Film n/a
Resin parts n/a
Total number of offsets 15 sprues, hull and deck
Announcement date 2021-04
More description the kit contains over 1180 parts
-the hull made from two-directional slide molds
-Deck wood pattern finely rendered
-Contains display stand
-photo etched parts included